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PES Stanley Junior


5 Gates Of Hell with D- Ring, Leather

V-Style Spreader, Black Leather


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This high quality ball separator is one of the top selling Stormy Leather products, and does a great job of both spreading and adorning your family jewels.

The leather V-Style Ball Spreader has a main band that can be worn around the base of the cock and balls, like a traditional leather cock ring, and two shorter straps that sit below the scrotum, used to separate and frame each individual ball in a leather halo of testicular glory.

Product Details:

Primary Leather Ring:

 • Min. Diameter Approx. 1.6in/4.1cm

 • Max Diameter Approx. 2.8in/7.1cm

 • Hardware is nickel-plated.

Separating Bands have 2 adjustable fastening snaps with approximately 1-1.25in/2.5-3.2cm diameter openings.

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Leather toys can be disinfected with a light topical application of 70% isopropyl alcohol, but cannot be sterilized. Use leather dressing product to keep your leather gear looking its best!

Additional Information