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Jail Cell Stand Up Cage

The Dore Alley Bed

Price From: $5,745.00

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Price From: $5,745.00

The Dore Alley Bed brings timeless style and elegance to your bedroom and at the drop of a hat becomes your own personal dungeon. You'll be sure to get rave reviews from all your friends and family! (Sling and candle holders not included.)

**Note: All Dungeon Bed sales are final, please order carefully!

Full Size Bed: BLACK - B828B BRONZE - B828R Queen Size Bed: BLACK - B829B BRONZE - B829R Eastern King Size Bed: BLACK - B830B BRONZE - B830R Cal King Size Bed: BLACK - B840B BRONZE - B840R

STANDARD FEATURES: 3" Steel Tubing Frame Black or Bronze Finish Restraint Hoops on All Corners Reinforced Bed Frame Restraint Hoops on Bottom Bed Rails


CONSTRUCTION: The Dore Alley dungeon bed is made from 14 gauge steel. All seams are professionally welded in place for solid construction and reinforced strength. Top rails are joined to the headboard and foot board by using a sleeve fitting, fastened with set screws. Bottom rails are joined with face plates, using 3/8" screws to attach the joint. Beds break down to 6 pieces plus 3 steel bed slats for easy shipping and storage. The weight capacity for each bed is approximately 450 pounds.

BED DIMENSIONS: Full Size Bed 55" wide; 80" high; 84" long. Queen Size Bed 61" wide; 80" high; 89" long. Eastern King Size Bed 77" wide; 80" high; 89" long; Cal King Size Bed 73" wide; 80" high; 93" long.


TOP RAILS: The headboard and footboard have protruding sleeves which fit snugly inside the adjoining 3" steel tube crossbar. Each corner's sleeve fitting is fastened with two set screws.

BOTTOM RAILS: Bottom rails are joined with two adjoining face plates. 3/8" bolts are welded to the headboard and footboard face plate and fastened to the rail plates using 3/8" nuts.

STEEL FINISHES The original color of the 3" steel tubing is gunmetal gray. Our finishes use a harmless, manually-applied chemical wash. Once applied, the steel blackens immediately. Due to the nature of the manual application process and variances in the composition of steel, sometimes subtle rust hues come through the coloring. To maintain the black finish, the chemical wash is immediately rinsed and removed from the steel. The bed is then dried and sealed with several coats of clear top-coat acrylic.

Scratch repair is simple. Apply a fine layer of acrylic black paint with a dry cloth and a layer of top-coat acrylic to blend the scratched area to the overall finish.

To obtain a Bronze Finish, the chemical is left on the steel for a longer period of time, allowing the chemical to draw natural bronze colorations from the steel for a more natural, aged bronze appearance. Once the proper finish is obtained, the chemical wash is rinsed and removed from the steel. The bed is then dried and sealed with several coats of clear top-coat acrylic.

Scratch repair of the bed with bronze finish is also simple. Apply a fine layer of acrylic bronze paint with a dry cloth and a layer of top-coat acrylic to seal and blend the scratched area to the overall finish.

Due to the manual finishing process used, no two finishes look alike. Each bed is a unique work of art, hand-crafted and finished by steel artisans.

EASY TO USE Each of these beds is easy to assemble and easy to use. Restraint hoops are accessible on all corners of the bed and rails. Sling Hoops are placed on the top of the bed posts, allowing for simple installation of chains, for use with a sling. Your bed can go from stylish to dungeon in a matter of minutes!!


Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery due to production time (*Express shipping is not available for this item)

Shipping Fees: With the exception of certain metropolitan areas throughout the US, shipping fees are included for deliveries within the 48 contiguous states. Deliveries are made during normal business hours and require that someone be available to sign for the shipment at the time of delivery. Customers will be notified in advance of the delivery date.

Alaska, Hawaii & International Shipments: Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii and International locations are now available but surcharges and/or duty charges will apply - please e-mail for more information.

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