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The Spike Cage


CB3000 Complete Package

The Curve Complete Package


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Perfect for the larger man, the Curve combines the classic larger Curve cage with the versatile ring system of the CB-6000. Made of medical grade polycarbonate material, the Curve offers the well-endowed gentleman a comfortable, hygienic cage to enforce chastity while not sacrificing cleanliness or comfort. This kit is perfect for long term wear, and can be used with numbered plastic locks that allow the wearer to pass through metal detectors without setting off alarms.


  • Cage Inside Length is 3.75in (9.5cm)

  • Cage Inside Diameter is 1.5in (3.8cm)

  • 5 Ring Sizes: 1.5in (3.8cm), 1.625in (4.1cm), 1.75in (4.4cm), 1.875in (4.8cm), 2in (5.1cm)

  • Includes locking pins and spacers

  • Includes one brass padlock and 5 numbered plastic padlocks

  • Constructed of medical grade polycarbonate material.

Safety, Care, and Usage

While wearing, clean yourself and Curve with soap and water. Lubricate to allow penis to move comfortably while wearing.

Additional Information

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