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Midori's Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage


Renter's Revenge #1

Sold into Slavery


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Snatched off the streets and out of their beds, these helpless girls’ nightmares have just begun… These lost girls are thrust into a world where they perform unspeakable acts of sexual depravity – or they face hard punishment. Desperate and alone, they attempt to please rather than face more whippings or spend all night dangling inches from the floor, but of course their efforts are futile in this endless nightmare. See these hot and erotic captives engage in all sort of sordid behavior and degrading sex acts, over and over. The action is hot, kinky and amazing…to the viewer, but these girls have been broken and their wills have been twisted into becoming performers of only the most depraved of acts!

Starring: Claudia Rossi, Sophie Cox, Lucy Lee,Debbie White,Choky Ice,Thomas Hyka, Ricardo Bell

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