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Acrylic Ball Crusher


The Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher

Premium Humbler

Price From: $162.00

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Price From: $162.00

Keep him on his knees where he belongs with a Hanson Humbler made with a clear gloss finish. Exclusive hinged design makes application a dream. The custom made snap lock provides a secure restraint, even when his hands are free. Electrical contacts accept standard banana plugs. Two keys are provided with each Hanson Humbler.

Bloodwood (Deep Red) is a deciduous South African tree with large yellow-orange flowers. It yields a thick red juice which is often used in the production of black dyes. Its wood is generally from a light pink to a deep blood-red, and is incredibly dense. This wood is often used by woodworkers for its natural ability to take a polish, and its unmistakable red coloring.

Bacote (Brown) is a tropical flowering tree that grows mainly in South America. The wood is very dense and durable and has many similar properties to that of rosewood. Its color is chocolate brown with streaks of gold.

Individual Batches of either wood type may vary in color hue or grain pattern.

All Three Styles of the Premium Humbler are available in two different sizes:

• 1-3/8" oval opening
• 1-1/2" oval opening

Ready for use with the Dual Output Folsom PSG-MAX
Rimba Units: Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set will need a set of Pins-to-Bananas Adapter Plugs
Rimba Digital Power Box will need a set of Snapper Adapters

Black, Small: B987S
Black, Large: B987L
Bacote, Small: D257S
Bacote, Large: D257L
Bloodwood, Small: D258S
Bloodwood, Large: D258L

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