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Chain Leash with Leather Handle


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Pony Head Bridle

Price From: $275.00

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Price From: $275.00

You could search the finest stables in the world for the rest of your life and never find a bridle set as intricate and beautiful as this one. Crafted by our own in-house design team, this set consists of a harness, a blindfold, blinders, and a muzzle. The harness has four adjustable straps: three to fit snugly around the skull, and one to secure under the chin.

The four snaps on the front of the harness allow for placement of the blindfold or the blinders. The blindfold itself is lined with extremely soft black fur, making it a comfortable choice for prolonged use. The blinders are 4¾" long at their widest point, discouraging any thoughts of peripheral vision. The muzzle secures to the back of the head with an adjustable strap and has two air holes for ventilation.

In addition, this bridle set is compatible with many other S/M instruments such as Bit/Ball Gags and Leashes. Use your imagination to stretch the full potential of this set and make the other ponies shake their tails in envy.

Around the forehead: 19" - 26"
Under the chin and around the top of the head: 22" - 27"

Available In:
• Black Leather (J322)
• White Leather (J324)
• Red Leather (J325)
• Black PVC (J332)
• Black PVC w/ Plume (J334)

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