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  • PES Tubular Mid Ring Electrode PES Tubular Mid Ring Electrode

PES Tubular Mid Ring Electrode

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The Tubular Mid-Ring is designed to stimulate at various different points along the penile shaft. The Mid-Ring, when used with other electrodes, such as the Corona Stimulators, the Mid-Ring balances the Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) being delivered along the penile shaft, delivering fairly even sensation from the head of the penis to the point at which the Mid-Ring is applied.

The Mid-Ring can be applied at the base of the shaft, at any point along the shaft, or even beneath the coronal ridge. It is constructed of our Electro-Flex™ tubing with a brass connection point that allows the Ring to be opened up for individual adjustment.

With the Mid-Ring, some recommended product combinations might be as follows: For balanced stimulation of the penile shaft from the head, the Mid-Ring may be used in conjunction with any of the Corona Stimulators. With either the Sparkler or Big Boy Sparkler inserted urethrally, the Mid-Ring could be placed at various points along the penile shaft to create different sensations.

It can also be used with the Testicle Tubular for stimulation from the scrotum to the point on the penile shaft where the Mid-Ring is placed. One might also try a three-electrode configuration using the Mid-Ring in circuit with a Rectal Pacifier on Channel A and the Tubular Base Ring on Channel B by itself. (Note: This is an example of how it is set up on the PES Power Box. This configuration may not be possible with other power supplies.)

Ready for use with The PES Powerbox

Requires PES Low Profile Leads for use with Folsom power unit Dual Output PSG-MAX

Not recommended for use with The Rimba Powerbox(s)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a single-electrode device (monopolar). Another single-electrode device (or dual-electrode type with "Y" adapter) is required for use.

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