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Deluxe Female Chastity Belt, Pink Leather

Locking Women's Chastity Belt w/ Thigh Straps


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This leather chastity belt is comprised of a waist belt and a second belt that goes between the legs, flaring out in an hourglass shape, covering the genital and anal area. It provides coverage in front and in back, while narrowing between the legs to conform to pelvic anatomy.

The thigh harnesses are attached to a sturdy strip of leather that connects at the crotch. All the straps are fully adjustable. No measurements are needed. The whole belt requires 5 locks (not included).


  • Waist 22” - 35.5”

  • Crotch 26” – 35”

  • Thigh straps 15” – 26.5”

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SKU B585