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Joanna Angel Silicone Bit Gag


The "How May I Help You?" Gag

KinkLab Rubber Bit Gag


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Our horse-bit style gag is flattering to the face; comfortable for long-term wear; and a great fit for smaller mouths. Natural latex mouthpiece is soft against the teeth; thick, oil-tanned leather straps are resistant to bodily fluids and have smooth, finished edges that won’t cut sensitive skin.

Straps fasten with a lockable buckle; entire gag adjusts from 17" – 23" (43.2 – 58.4 cm) around when fully closed. (Keep in mind that gags go around the neck, not the widest part of the head, so your gag size will be different than your hat size!)

Not safe for latex allergies. Hardware is nickel-plated for strength.

Try attaching a pair of our Leather Leashes to the O-rings on each side for a wild bareback pony ride!

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