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  • Hegar Urethral Sounds, 8 Piece Hegar Urethral Sounds, 8 Piece
  • Hegar Urethral Sounds, 8 Piece Hegar Urethral Sounds, 8 Piece

Hegar Urethral Sounds, 8 Piece


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This item definitely qualifies as unusual, and a little scary by most people's standards. This set of curved, 8" probes is made of chrome-plated brass. Each probe in the series is slightly larger than the one before, and slightly larger on one end than on the other, for a total of 16 graduated sizes, from just over 1/16 inch in diameter (very small) to about 5/8 inches.

The original intended medical use for these probes was to dilate the cervix, but they were also used to clear blockages in the urethra. For people with a fetish for bizarre old medical paraphernalia, these kits are a find.

The tubes are rounded at each end, and they come in a zippered black vinyl case with black felt lining on the inside. Sold as a novelty, not recommended for actual use except under the guidance of an expert.

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SKU A974
  1. Awesome review by XD45c on 9/18/2016

    Awesome kit! I can only manage the 4 smallest, up to number 10, at this point, but working my way up! Smooth, clean, just let them follow their own course. You can insert the full length without hitting the bladder.

    If you haven't used these before or don't know how, get some expert help. You can hurt yourself.

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