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  • Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar
  • Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar
  • Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar

Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar


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It may be tough to restrain your excitement when you realize how securely you can restrain your favorite sub in the Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar!

Solid stainless steel truly makes the wearer feel the weight of the world and think about all their naughty deeds as it sits heavily around their fragile neck. A hinge on the side makes it easy to open, but a flush mounted screw on the opposite side means that escape isn't possible until the master commands it. The smooth form of the collar is broken up by the harsh restraint possibilities afforded by the lead ring up front -- attach your favorite collar to make sure that your pet follows you to even the darkest of places!

Additional Information

SKU E979

Product Details:
• Includes Phillips head bolt and screwdriver
• Inside diameter: 5.5in/14cm
• Height: 1in/2.5cm
• Thickness: 0.2in/0.5cm

  1. Description and photo now showing Phillips-head review by JT at Stockroom on 7/13/2016

    The previous reviewer of this item was understandably disappointed because he was expecting hex screws and got phillips head screws instead. We have corrected the photos and descriptions so that they match the product that is available, which do indeed have phillips screws at this time.

    In our internal discussions, some of our staff have stated that they actually prefer the phillips head screws, because of the way that they look and greater ease of use ASSUMING they don't get stripped. They also commented that small hex screws CAN also get stripped in some cases, even if that may be less common. Either way, the best way to avoid stripping is not to over-tighten!

    Going forward we will be discussing options for improvement with the manufacturer.

    To the previous reviewer, whoever you are... if you are still in the area we might be able to swap out your screws for hex ones.

  2. BUYER BEWARE: Replaced "Key" Components review by DarthFugue on 7/5/2016


    I was not far, from your L.A. Shop, so I decided to check it out...

    While there, I decided to get a few things (since my birthday was only a few weeks away, I decided to indulge myself – so, I bought this COLLAR, along with the matching WRIST, and ANKLE!)

    One of the things that I liked, about the entire set, are the HEX-BOLT screws (because the head won't STRIP, unlike other screws!)

    So, imagine my surprise, when I open the boxes that they come in, that they contain STANDARD, "PHILIPS/CROSS-HEAD" SCREWS... with a "PHILIPS-HEAD" SCREWDRIVER! (These kind of screws STRIP, EASILY!)

    So, I went back to the shop and explained "what happened?", to them

    They were puzzled, too, because they thought that there were HEX-HEAD BOLTS, in the other sets, in their shop – only to discover that NONE of them had HEX-HEAD BOLTS!

    So, BUYER BEWARE, if you purchase this COLLAR, or any of it's matching sets, the WRIST and/or ANKLE CUFFS, chances are that you'll – MORE THAN LIKELY – get them, with a "PHILIPS/CROSS-HEAD BOLTS, with matching SCREWDRIVER!

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