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  • ElectraStim ElectraLoops Prestige - Gold ElectraStim ElectraLoops Prestige - Gold

ElectraStim ElectraLoops Prestige - Gold

Quick Overview

Prestige ElectraLoops are designed to push cock play to a whole new level. Made from thick (6.5mm) conductive rubber, they could serve as high-quality adjustable cock rings all on their own. But they're far more than that: Connect them to an ElectraStim stimulator, and they'll send delicious shivers and prickles through the shaft, scrotum and testicles of the wearer for an indescribable experience. Stimulator sold separately. Available with gold, silver, or red aluminum choke.

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For anyone with a cock, the Prestige ElectraLoops provide one of the ultimate experiences in estim play. All by themselves, the ElectraLoops could be fantastic cock rings: They're made of thick (6.5mm) conductive rubber with a sliding aluminum choke that will give a secure grip on any part of the shaft or scrotum. But when you plug them into an ElectraStim stimulator -- that's when you know that you have something really special.

Besides making your erection harder, longer-lasting, and more sensitive, when you turn up the power, the loops send pulses of sensation along the skin and deep into the shaft. The feeling can range from a pleasant hum to extremely intense depending on how far you (or your partner) turn up the stimulator, so we recommend that you experiment carefully.

Where you put the loops also allows you to experiment and indulge your imagination. The most popular use is to put one at the head and one near the base of the shaft or on the scrotum, but you can spend a delightful amount of time finding your own ways to put them on your favorite cock. The loops are unipolar, so you can use one or both at the same time. The slider is made of anodized aluminum and comes in red, gold, or silver.

Product Details:
• 6.5 mm super-conductive rubber loop
• Max width: 2.35" (60mm) in diameter
• Uses 2mm pin connectors

Additional Information

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