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Nemesis Mask

Chrome Masquerade Mask


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Keep your identity, or at least your most devious of intentions, hidden along with your face in the stylish Chrome Masquerade Mask.

Shining in the candlelight of a dungeon or the strobe lights of a club, the chrome on this smoothly curved mask catches the light to form a lasting impression. Large almond shaped eye holes and a cutaway portion for the nose are all that interrupt the smooth contours on this mask. Using brass as a base metal for durability, this mask is light enough to wear comfortably but has enough weight to remind you that you're incognito.

Comfort is provided for by the soft suede lining on the inside, and it can be tied tightly as you like with the leather straps at the temples. Be prepared for a night of mystery and excitement with this sleek item obscuring your face.

Product Details:
• Tie length: 13in/33cm
• Mask width: 6.25in/16cm
• Mask height: 2.75in/7cm

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SKU B387