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Summer Latex Survival Guide

Justine Joli in summer latex Justine Joli in summer latex

Look, I know what you're thinking. Summer is upon us and it's already hot as hell outside, why on earth would anyone want to put on a latex catsuit right now??

It's true, latex is not the easiest material to wear. You have to slather yourself in slippery silicone lube then push yourself into a giant condom that seems to be about two inches too small. It's a process I often describe as 'squeezing your way into a Trojan, when you really need a Magnum'. Once you've maneuvered your way into your second skin, things can heat up quickly since the latex doesn't breathe.

Athena Fatale in Syren latex Athena Fatale in Syren latex

I still remember the first time I wore a latex catsuit. It was spring and already considerably warm in Texas, and while the AC in my dungeon did it's best it was no match for the combination of video lights, a latex catsuit, and an enthusiastic slave beating. About 20 minutes into the shoot I felt the sweat begin to puddle in my boots, and before long a steady stream poured out at the wrists whenever I lowered my arms. While it was great fun to make my slave drink my salty, sweaty offerings, I nonetheless learned a very important lesson that day – latex makes you sweat. Stripping off sweaty latex is one of my absolute least favorite things in life.

That Halloween, my latex catsuit taught me another lesson – if it's cold outside, you will be cold in latex. And your goose bumps will totally show through your latex, and you can feel the bumps as well. But even when it is 30 degrees outside, your latex will warm up very quickly once you are out of the cold and back in the warmth. However this party was anything but warm. It was a notoriously filthy and debaucherous warehouse party with no heat, and by the time I got home the thought of peeling off my dirty Disturbathon latex (which was now stuck to my body for lack of lube) and allowing the last of my body heat to escape was unbearable. So I turned on the shower and climbed in, catsuit and all.

Athena Fatale in Syren latex Athena Fatale in Syren latex

It was absolutely glorious. The warm water splashed across my latex covered body and ran down my legs, warming me and massaging me as it beaded and bounced off of my protective covering, dancing like rain on a windshield. I spent at least 15 minutes playing in the shower, rinsing and rubbing every inch of my slick shiny catsuit before finally unzipping it just enough to let the water slip inside. It began to flow down my body, lubricating and gently separating my skin from the latex that had become a part of me. The feeling was pure ecstasy.

And thus began my love of latex and water.

People often describe latex as a 'second skin' because when you wear it, it doesn't just fit itself to your form, it becomes one with your body. You still feel temperatures and sensations, but you're feeling them through a thin layer of rubber, much like a condom. Latex is an exceptional conductor of heat and cold, and this opens up a range of possibilities for temperature and sensation play. Cold water splashed over latex can be absolutely exhilarating, especially if you are literally stewing in your own juices. You feel every single drop that touches your latex, whether it is a tiny splash or a flowing stream. Is it any wonder latex catsuits and even rubber hoods are so popular at fetish pool parties? Skimming through the water, feeling the cool liquid run over the latex that encases you, it’s a feeling unlike anything else.

Ulorin Vex in Syren Latex Ulorin Vex in Syren Latex

The waterslide at the annual Kink In The Caribbean gatherings is always spitting out one latex lover after another; they go slipping and sliding at the speed of lube until at last they are tossed in to the pool with the rest of the rubber clad rousers. A simple Slip & Slide in your back yard works just as well if a trip to Jamaica isn't in your immediate future.

So this summer, don’t be afraid to slip in to your favorite rubber catsuit, work up a dripping sweat, then treat yourself to a dip in the pool, a fetish frolic in the lawn sprinkler, or just a nice, relaxing latex shower. Let the water seep under your latex and over your skin as you rub your sleek and slippery body with pleasure. Tease your latex encased playmate by splashing or trickling warm then cold water over them. A little goes a long way! Just make sure to stay hydrated and always wash your latex after wearing so the party can continue all summer long. And for the love of all things shiny, never take off a sweaty catsuit outside of the shower again!

Tips for staying cool in latex:

• Stay out of the sun as much as possible. Direct sunlight will heat latex very quickly and can damage it over time.

• Drink plenty of water. Latex encourages sweating and dehydration can occur quickly, especially if alcohol is involved.

• Hold an ice cube in your mouth to help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating.

• Wet latex is cooler than dry latex. If your latex gets too warm, hop in the pool or pour some cool water on yourself. The breeze will continue to cool the water while your latex dries, which won’t take long.

• If you begin to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or overly warm, seek shade immediately, drink water, and remove your latex.