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Rattan Cane with Suede Handle


Heavy Nylon Cane

30" Rattan Cane w/ Nylon Handle


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Sometimes a Dom needs a symbol of authority, and what better way to represent power than an item that can be used to point, prod, or give pain?

With this light cane, made of flexible rattan, whipping a sub into shape is a breeze - a breeze that makes a whoosh as it speeds through the air to deliver a sting. The black nylon paracord is wound up tightly in a spiral so the wielder of this weapon can keep a firm grip on any situation. This cane's point is rounded into a bullet shape giving it a perfect profile for giving a nasty poke to whomever's earned it.

Burned into the wood just above the grip are the maker's initials, R.D. for Rope Daddy; burned into the minds of anybody on the receiving end of blows from this baby will be flashes of red hot pain!

Product Details:

• Cane length: 30in/76.2cm

• Cane diameter: 0.375in/0.95cm

• Rattan cane, nylon paracord handle

• Wash with toy cleaner or soap and water after use

• To retain flexibility of cane, soak in water for 30 minutes once a month

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SKU E910