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Scarlet Scourge Flogger by Dragontailz


Blue Devil Leather Flogger

24" Basic Suede Flogger


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This is a soft, black suede version of J021 - our 24" Leather Flogger. This is a best-selling item -- a good quality flogger-style whip at an unusually affordable price.

Made from fine black suede, moderately heavy, with about 24 pointed tails, (that's 6 more than the smooth leather version, since the suede is a bit lighter than the smooth leather). This is a great item for beginners who may not yet want to commit to the expense of a higher-end flogger, but don't underestimate the potential of 24 suede blades.

The total length, including the handle is 24", plus a 6" wrist loop.

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SKU J022