Nipple Toys On Sale

Bully Nipple Clamps

Bully Nipple Clamps $17.00 | SALE: $9.00

The Bully Nipple Clamps are a set of fully adjustable nipple clamps with black rubber tips, black rubber grips, and silver metal rings.

The metal rings each have a diameter of 1½”. The clamps are each a total of 2½” long.

The snugness... More >>

Tit Tuggers

Tit Tuggers $125.00 | SALE: $85.00

The Tit Tuggers consist of a pair of erotic nickel plated breast and nipple torment devices specially designed to pinch and pull the tits. The Tit Tuggers are pleasurably painful and playful, and even though they pinch hard they feel good.

The Tit Tuggers work by first clamping the... More >>

Adjustable C-Clamps

Adjustable C-Clamps $15.00 | SALE: $12.00

This pair of nipple clamps is connected by 12" of chain. The 1" long thumbscrews are fine-threaded for precise adjustment of pressure, and will not fall out even when the clamps are fully loosened. The "grabbing" surface is approx ¾" long by ¼" wide.

This is good-ol' kinky... More >>

The Titilizer

The Titilizer $16.50 | SALE: $9.50

The Titilizer is made up of a pair of small, adjustable string nooses connected by a metal chain. The nooses loop and tighten around one's nipples to keep the item in place.

Sensually and aesthetically appealing, the Titilizer comes in several... More >>

Why Me Nipple Press and Cock Ring Set

Why Me Nipple Press and Cock Ring Set $28.00 | SALE: $11.00

Make sure he really is up for anything with this nipple clamp and cock ring one-piece set!

The clamps are designed in the popular one inch C-clamp style to ensure precision attachment and intensity, and joined by a 7.5 inch chain from each that connects to an additional 8 inches of... More >>

Adj. Nipple Clamps, Clothespin-style, Black

Adj. Nipple Clamps, Clothespin-style, Black $16.50 | SALE: $11.50

These black nipple clamps are similar to little metal clothespins, with vinyl coating on the ends, attached to each other by a nice black chain. They don't have teeth, and the tension is easily controlled with a turn of the... More >>

17-Piece Chinese Cupping Set

17-Piece Chinese Cupping Set $75.00 | SALE: $59.00

In traditional Chinese medicine, suction cups are often applied to the surface of the body at certain points, sometimes in conjunction with acupuncture or acupressure. Traditional suction cups are glass, and are heated before being placed on the body. As the air inside a glass cup... More >>

Metal Weight with Clip

Metal Weight with Clip $10.00 - $11.00 | SALE: $8.00 - $8.50

This metal weight is great for use with nipple clamps, ball stretchers, humblers, torture devices, et cetera. The possibilities are endless. It comes with an attached metal clip for ease of hanging from your... More >>

Adj. Nipple Clamp w/ Weight

Adj. Nipple Clamp w/ Weight $15.00 - $19.00 | SALE: $12.00 - $15.00

Each of these adjustable alligator-style (no teeth) nipple clamps comes with an added bonus: a standard metal fishing weight coated in black vinyl, attached by a small metal clip.

The tension of the clamp is easily controlled with a turn of a screw, and the weight is fully detachable.... More >>

Adj. Alligator Nipple Clips

Adj. Alligator Nipple Clips $16.50 | SALE: $11.00

This is the most popular style of clamps on the American market.

They are similar to small metal clothespins with vinyl coated tips and are attached by a nice silver-colored chain. Unlike their namesakes, these Alligator clips don't have teeth. Tension is easily controlled with a turn of... More >>

Nipple Clip w/ Magnet Weights

Nipple Clip w/ Magnet Weights $16.00 | SALE: $12.00

Similar in function to a clothespin, this individually sold nipple clip has vinyl coated tips and a thumbscrew for adjusting tension. Six removable 1 ounce magnetic weights can be used to vary gravity's... More >>

Mini Nipple Clamps, Pair

Mini Nipple Clamps, Pair $14.50 | SALE: $9.50

This set of extra small nipple clamps is spring loaded with vinyl-coated tips and connected by a 12" chain. The tension level is medium-heavy and not adjustable.

This item is a nice choice for men's... More >>

Tweezer Clamps/Cock Ring Set

Tweezer Clamps/Cock Ring Set $35.00 | SALE: $25.00

This set of adjustable, tweezer-style nipple clamps is attached by a snap-adjusted leather strip to a cock ring to form a Y shape. The cock ring can be detached, leaving just the set of nipple clamps.

Silver-colored chains. This set comes with a 1¾" ring. However,... More >>

Chrome Mini Clothespin Nipple Clamps

Chrome Mini Clothespin Nipple Clamps $19.00 | SALE: $11.00

Two eye-catching, miniature, chrome-plated replicas of a real clothespin attached by a 12¼" chain. These have a very strong, condensed bite.

Nice for play (on nipples or wherever your imagination takes you) or for show (worn on a jacket, collar, vest, etc.). Clothespins... More >>

Deluxe Adj. Nipple Clamps

Deluxe Adj. Nipple Clamps $57.00 | SALE: $37.00

These top shelf nipple clamps are well worth the price.

They are made mostly of solid brass, giving them an attractive gold color. The tension on these clamps is adjusted by turning the black cylinder at the base of the clamp to slowly increase or decrease the pressure. This mechanism... More >>

Pierced Nipple Chain

Pierced Nipple Chain $14.50 | SALE: $9.50

We originally chose these so that they could be worn as an attractive silver chain attached to the hoops of pierced nipples. They have a comfortably heavy feel to let you know that you have them on.

After testing, we also found that they work well as nipple clamps. Because... More >>

Black Leather Pasties

Black Leather Pasties $20.00 | SALE: $14.00

Let the exotic dancer in you come out when you sport these tempting leather pasties. The leather exterior is stitched over an inner textured lining, and pastie glue is used to keep them in place.

A bottle of glue (¼ ounce) is included. Each pastie measures 2"... More >>

Scissor Nipple Clamps

Scissor Nipple Clamps $16.00 | SALE: $12.00

These plastic forcep-style clamps are lightweight. The clamp surface is slightly textured to prevent slipping, and the clicking clasp applies plenty of pressure to ensure that they will stay put.

The clasp provides two levels intensity - medium and high.

Available... More >>

Nipple Clamp with Bell, Pair

Nipple Clamp with Bell, Pair $13.50 | SALE: $9.50

This standard tweezer-style nipple clamp is given a new twist with the addition of a small bell. The tweezer clamp has vinyl-coated ends and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from just enough to hold it on, all the way up to a really severe pinch.

The bell is made of... More >>

Beaded Nipple Clamps

Beaded Nipple Clamps $22.50 | SALE: $14.50

Beaded Nipple Clamps are perfect for decorating the nipples in a sensual and playful way.

These tweezer-style adjustable nipple clamps are each 2¾” long. A small silver metal loop ring surrounds the tweezer clamp, allowing for adjustability. Moving it up or... More >>

Double Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps

Double Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps $20.00 | SALE: $15.00

The Double Strand Beaded Tweezer Clamps are two tweezer style nipple clamps connected to each other by two beaded chains.

The nipple clamps can be adjusted using a small metal loop-ring that surrounds the tweezers, determining the snugness of the fit.

The silver metal... More >>

Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamps

Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamps $14.50 | SALE: $11.50

For those who prefer playing hard, rather than hard-to-get, the Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamp from Spartacus is designed for serious pleasure. The clamp tips are rubber coated, spring-loaded, and adjustable, connected by an all-black chain. Use the screw to set the desired width of the clamp... More >>

Color Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Color Tweezer Nipple Clamps $17.50 | SALE: $9.50

These colorful Tweezer Nipple Clamps offer pleasure and pain in the simplest terms, tweaking and tormenting whatever sensitive skin you apply them to.

Smooth black or rich green rubber tips ensure a sturdy grip while the sliding adjuster ring allows you to lock in exactly the right... More >>

Nipple Press

Nipple Press $14.50 | SALE: $9.50

Sold individually

Nothing coaxes a confession from reluctant lips faster than the Nipple Press! The bottom restraining bar slides out for ease of application and removal, but is held firmly in place when pressure is applied by the vise-screw. Don’t let the name fool you: this... More >>

The Titty Twister

The Titty Twister $24.00 | SALE: $9.50

The Titty Twister is an almost friendly looking device with the last laugh. If intense twisting is what you crave, this pretty stainless steel spiral does the trick.

Feed the matching barbell through a piercing and it will pull, twist and stretch the nipple inside two inches of... More >>

Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit

Universal Nipple Enlarger Kit $22.50 | SALE: $18.00

This multi purpose nipple play item offers a lower cost alternative to many higher-end suction devices.

The Universal Nipple Enlarger comes with four different ring sizes and two different pump applicators, allowing for a perfect fit for most people, and a full range... More >>

Red-Tipped Tweezer Clamps

Red-Tipped Tweezer Clamps $24.00 | SALE: $9.50

These Red-Tipped Tweezer Clamps are tipped with smooth rubber to make sure you get a secure grip while you pinch to your heart's desire. The chain keeps your torso well decorated while your nipples get the firm, intense attention they deserve. After achieving your sweet spot for pain, give the... More >>

Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks

Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks $20.00 | SALE: $10.00

Pack a little more punch in your pinch! These stainless steel nipple sticks, fashioned much like a fancy pair of chopsticks, give you a fully adjustable level of pleasure and pain. Simply place each side of the sticks on either side of your nipple. The black rubber tips will give you the no-slip... More >>

Deluxe Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks

Deluxe Stainless Steel Nipple Sticks $22.00 | SALE: $11.00

These stylish, ball-ended sticks fashioned much like fancy chopsticks fit around your nipple, then grab on tight as you slide the durable black rubber rings to make you hurt so good. For an extra thrilling sensation, throw the steel sticks into the freezer for a couple minutes before play.... More >>

Mini Nipple Suckers

Mini Nipple Suckers $7.50 | SALE: $4.50

Add a surprisingly satisfying nip of suction to your tit teasing with these Mini Nipple Suckers. These tiny PVC suction cups give you an ideal way to sensitize and tease your nipples or to introduce your partner to the erotic charge of nipple play. Simply squeeze each attractive 1" cup and place... More >>

Breast Pump Cylinders, Pair

Breast Pump Cylinders, Pair $150.00 | SALE: $95.00

A bosom blessing, these cylinders are designed for use in conjunction with a pump (sold separately). For maximum effect we recommend our Deluxe Brass Hand Pump, in conjunction with the Buddy T Nipple Connector. Available in small, medium and large, the manufacturer... More >>

Cock and Ball Toys On Sale

3 Snap Rubber Cock Ring

3 Snap Rubber Cock Ring $10.00 | SALE: $5.00

This basic 3 Snap Cock Ring is made of particularly firm neoprene rubber that looks and feels like natural rubber, but can be used with oil based lubricants. This particular grade of rubber is more firm and shiny than our other Neoprene Cock Ring.

One size fits most,... More >>

Acrylic Ball Crusher

Acrylic Ball Crusher $52.00 | SALE: $37.00

The Acrylic Ball Crusher is a very effective device designed for CBT.

The Acrylic Ball Crusher is very similar to the Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher , but with the difference being that the Ball Crusher provides an extra hole for... More >>

Perfect Fit Armour Up

Perfect Fit Armour Up $24.90 | SALE: $19.00

Armour Up is ready for you, but are you ready for it? With each modification, Perfect Fit has been streamlining the Cock Armour to give you a cock ring that can provide a harder erection and a prolonged, more intense orgasm.

This cock ring is one of the best kept secrets at creating... More >>

Anatomically Formed Prince‘s Wand

Anatomically Formed Prince‘s Wand $148.00 | SALE: $98.00

This urethral sound has been carefully crafted in medical-grade steel. The Prince's Wand was designed for insertion into the urethra.

It won't slip out, because the ring holds it in place at the glans. The wand is carefully sculpted with a subtle curve. It measures 3" in length and ¼" in... More >>

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set

Buckling Cock Ring/Chain Leash Set $25.00 | SALE: $18.00

Going for a walk just got a lot more interesting. Never mind the neck, this shiny chrome leash attaches to a black leather buckling/locking cock for maximum control of your man’s most sensitive element. The leash features a leather handle, medium weight chain with chrome snap hook, making the cock... More >>

Chrome Ball Stretcher

Chrome Ball Stretcher $29.50 - $42.00 | SALE: $19.00 - $28.00

Nothing else looks or feels quite the same as one of these shiny chrome ball stretchers.

We're currently carrying two different diameters in two different lengths, for a total of four sizes. The 2 diameters are 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" and the 2 lengths are 1 1/8"... More >>

Perfect Fit Cock Armour Buzz

Perfect Fit Cock Armour Buzz $69.95 | SALE: $34.95

Get your cock whirring with delight. The Cock Armour Buzz is an innovative durable design by Body-Fit™ that is specifically shaped for the male anatomy, providing a secure and comfortable fit.

This amazing design has the perfect placement of the 3-Speed Vibration Power Bullet... More >>

Cock Crimper

Cock Crimper $69.00 | SALE: $54.00

Put a kink in your cock with our Crimper…
Hand-crafted from hammered brass, the two rings of the Cock Crimper fold your penis snug against your body to restrain your developing erection and prevent your cock from getting... More >>

Le Slave Deluxe Cock Ring

Le Slave Deluxe Cock Ring $36.00 | SALE: $24.00

A stopped watch may be right twice a day, but a hard cock is great anytime!

This enchanting piece of genital jewelry serves the traditional uses of a cock ring, accentuating the shaft, and helping maintain a powerful erection, but goes a step further, adding a handsome steel o-ring... More >>

Double-O Cock Ring Set

Double-O Cock Ring Set $14.50 | SALE: $9.50

This is a double metal cock ring set. One ring goes behind the balls and the other goes in front. They are connected by a strip of sturdy black leather.

The medium size has a 1¾" ring and a 1½" ring.

The large size has a... More >>

Fat Boy Cock Sheath

Fat Boy Cock Sheath $34.95 - $49.95 | SALE: $24.95 - $34.95

The Fat Boy Cock Sheath will have you doubly pleased, because not only is it simply one of the best penis extenders we've seen, it's also an impressively stimulating stroker as well!

While it has a lot of features we're proud of (we'll get to those!) the secret of its success is the... More >>

Five Joint Urethral Plug

Five Joint Urethral Plug $50.92 | SALE: $35.00

Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a bold new frontier in urethral souding play!

The thrills and chills of urethral stimulation are yours to explore when you get your hands on this sleek penis plug. It is made entirely of stainless steel, adding to the excitement of the sensation as... More >>

Head Ring with Pressure Bead

Head Ring with Pressure Bead $38.00 | SALE: $19.00

This ring is meant to be worn around the ridge just beneath the head of your cock to increase stimulation by applying pressure to the glans of the penis. The shining steel ring and bead also decorate the penis nicely, so it's both attractive and functional.

Product... More >>

Head Ring with Ball

Head Ring with Ball $32.00 | SALE: $16.00

The Head Ring, which is sometimes called a glans ring, adorns the head of the penis and is used in erotic genital bondage. Glans rings are worn tightly around the head of the cock and will give new firm sensations during sex play, alone or with another.

This design includes a Glans Ring... More >>

Oxballs Stacker Ball Stretcher

Oxballs Stacker Ball Stretcher $22.00 | SALE: $16.00

The Stacker Ball stretcher by Oxballs is a cogwheel-shaped stretcher made from top quality thermo-plastic rubber. The Stacker is one inch tall and the interior hole has a diameter of one inch, but enough elasticity to allow any size testicles through, hugging and gripping them tightly but... More >>


JackStrap $29.99 | SALE: $11.99

The JackStrap is an elastic, black, silicone masturbation strap that wraps around the testicles to both simplify and intensify male self-stimulation. The JackStrap allows men to jack off and rub their balls at the same time, and jerk the cock more and more intensely with every masturbatory stroke.... More >>

Lightweight Solid Penis Plug

Lightweight Solid Penis Plug $46.00 | SALE: $32.00

This urethral plug may not be as extreme as some of the larger sounds we carry, but it is still a formidable insert for those looking for a bondage toy designed to prevent urination or ejaculation.

The steel ring on the thin end prevents over insertion, while the hump in the... More >>


Manhandler $12.95

This unique cock harness is designed to combine the thrill of a cock ring with the added stimulation from a replaceable neoprene O ring on your shaft. The Manhandler is crafted of high quality black leather and features metal snaps with a neoprene ring that extends 2 inches from the cock... More >>

Open ZZ Penis Plug

Open ZZ Penis Plug $48.00 | SALE: $19.00

The Open ZZ Penis Plug is a funnel-cone shaped, insertable urethral plug that promises to keep the penis open nice and wide. It is an innovative, hollow, metal penis accessory constructed from medical grade stainless steel. This is a sexy piece of additional decorative plumbing that is an ideal... More >>

Orbital Head Ring

Orbital Head Ring $38.00 | SALE: $15.00

This ring is meant to be worn around the ridge just beneath the head of your cock to increase stimulation by applying pressure to the glans of the penis. Four spherical steel beads adorn the ring, three of them sliding freely, with one set in place at the seam where the two ends of the ring... More >>

Perfect Fit Hump Gear

Perfect Fit Hump Gear $59.00 | SALE: $34.95

Leave it to Perfect Fit to perfect the art of the butt plug!

Not content with a standard anal plug, or even a thru-hole plug, the innovative kinky minds behind the Tunnel Plug and More >>

Ribbed Rod Penis Sound

Ribbed Rod Penis Sound  $105.00 | SALE: $75.00

This edgy urethral sound features 5 round ribs along the shaft to increase the intensity of the sound play. The CNC-machined rod is made of aerospace-grade 6061 T6 alloy and has a row diameter ridges over its 6" length.

Approximate measurements:

Insertable length: 4... More >>

Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit, 8 Piece

Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit, 8 Piece $79.95 | SALE: $39.95

These elegantly edgy urethral sounds have small "rosebud" shaped tips, for stimulating as the "tip" slides in and out. Our set includes 8 sounds which have stainless steel shafts 11" long topped with a "rosebud" or "bullet" shaped tip, in various sizes from 3mm to 10mm around. These sounds... More >>

1 1/2" Rubber Ball Stretcher

1 1/2" Rubber Ball Stretcher $13.50

This Rubber Ball Stretcher is distinctive because it is made of a firmer neoprene rubber that looks and feels like natural rubber, but can be used with oil based lubricants.

This particular grade of rubber is more firm and shiny than our other More >>

Rubber Ball Splitter

Rubber Ball Splitter $19.00 | SALE: $11.00

Our adjustable snaps allow for a perfect fit around and between the balls. The splitter strap is securely riveted to the stretcher and has an attached D-ring for weights or a leash.

This Rubber Ball Splitter is made of a firmer neoprene rubber that looks and feels like... More >>

Rubber Cock and Ball Harness

Rubber Cock and Ball Harness $14.00 | SALE: $9.00

Our Rubber Cock & Ball Harness has one strap to fit snugly around the shaft, and one around the balls. It is connected by a riveted strap with a D-ring at one end to attach a leash or other bondage equipment.

... More >>

Snake Shape Penis Head Cap

Snake Shape Penis Head Cap $59.00 | SALE: $44.00

The Snake Shape Penis Head Cap is an exquisitely designed piece of men’s fetish jewelry. This innovative cock-ring has the head of a snake that rests snugly on the tip of the cock while the body of the snake wraps firmly around the head of the cock.

The Snake Shape Penis... More >>

Super Stroker

Super Stroker $47.00 | SALE: $34.00

Sometimes, a person just needs a bit of extra width!

The soft, stretchy Super Stroker & Girth Enhancer from NS Novelties is a jumbo cock sleeve made of phthalate-free, body-safe Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) that adds incredible thickness... and makes intercourse an intense,... More >>

Tenga Egg Masturbators

Tenga Egg Masturbators $7.20 | SALE: $5.75

Getting off has never been so cool and convenient. Tenga continues to bring hip design to male sex toys with the Tenga Egg Masturbator. Egg sized and small enough to tuck into your pocket, this little egg contains a packet of lube and a flexible, stretchy sheath to masturbate into. You’ll never be... More >>

Three Joint Urethral Plug

Three Joint Urethral Plug $54.00 | SALE: $37.00

For men who enjoy the feeling of a penile sound, or want to experiment with stretching their urethra, this Three-Joint cock plug comes highly recommended.

Essentially a hollow, stainless steel tube, this 13.5cm-long invader has three gradations of width, for training purposes.... More >>

Thru-Hole Penis Plug

Thru-Hole Penis Plug  $47.50 | SALE: $27.50

This beautiful "plug" for the male's urethra has an added twist of having a steel ring to prevent over insertion as opposed to a widened "hilt" area on other models. It's great for a simulated pierced look. The CNC-machined plug shape is made of aluminum alloy and permits very gradual insertion... More >>

Trinity Rainbow Triple Cock Ring

Trinity Rainbow Triple Cock Ring $29.00 | SALE: $24.00

This devious device may look like an IQ puzzle waiting to be solved, but its design is geared towards enlarging your other head. Unlike a traditional cock ring, this 3-in-1 device separates, stretches, and keeps your penis full and firm. Made of anodized steel in a fetching rainbow hue, this is one... More >>

The Twirl Penis Plug

The Twirl Penis Plug $88.00 | SALE: $44.00

This super long, striking stainless steel penis plug combines the pleasure of urethral sounding with features that allow it to be worn hands-free for longer periods of time than the average sounding rod. The shaft of this penis plug is hollow, allowing the wearer to urinate or cum without removing... More >>

Ultimate Cock Strap/Ball Stretcher

Ultimate Cock Strap/Ball Stretcher $35.00 | SALE: $25.00

These ultimate cock strap/ball stretchers are some of the nicest we have seen. They are made of high-quality leather that is firm, but soft to the touch, and rounded and smooth on the edges. The snap closures on the side of the sheath allow for two different levels of tightness for the best fit.... More >>

Tantus Silicone Vibrating C-Ring

Tantus Silicone Vibrating C-Ring $58.00 | SALE: $42.00

Enjoy longer, harder orgasms with the Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring. This velvety smooth cock ring is not only a shaft ring, but includes a removable vibrator for added clitoral stimulation. When turned upside down, the vibrating bullet can also be used as a massager for his pleasure. Firm but not... More >>

Wizard Staff Penis Plug

Wizard Staff Penis Plug $74.00 | SALE: $44.00

Whether you’re into urethral sounding or are looking for a striking piece of cock jewelry, this visually commanding stainless steel penis plug is the perfect tool. The large, highly polished ball at the end sits at the tip of the penis when the plug is inserted. The ball prevents the plug from... More >>

*Some restrictions apply. Sale prices may not be eligible for additional discounts or promotional offers, and cannot be applied to previous orders. Offer good through July 30, 2014 or while supplies last.