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Nipple Clamps

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Nipple Suction

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Breast Ornamentation


  Featured Nipple Clamps

3-Speed Vibrating Nipple Clamps

3-Speed Vibrating Nipple Clamps $38.00

These alligator-clamp style nipple clamps pack a little pinch and a pleasant punch. The clamps are lightly weighted by small bullet vibrators for a mild tug and three intensities of tingling. These clamps are perfect for beginners--the vibration can either distract from or add to the sensation of... More >>

Luna and Selene by SVAKOM

Luna and Selene by SVAKOM $182.80

Luna is a waterproof bullet vibe. Selene is a disc-shaped nipple massager. Alone, either vibrator is a powerful but discreet toy, but thanks to wireless technology, it’s even better when they play together. The two share a two-way remote control interface that allows each unit to double as a... More >>

  Featured Nipple Suction

Gripper Nipple Suckers by Atomic Jock

Gripper Nipple Suckers by Atomic Jock $22.00

So simple, so good… Gripper Nipple Suckers deliver serious suction with a proven design including added function and style. Made by the notorious players at Atomic Jock, these tried and tested toys are sure to please nipple play fans across the globe.

Using these slightly tapered... More >>

KinkLab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set

KinkLab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set $24.50

Twist the night away and turn up the heat with KinkLab's newest sensation toy: The T-Cups™ Nipple Suction Set!

Each turn of the screw adds a delicious degree of succulent suction to your nipples, neck, or other sensitive spots. Stick them to your skin and turn the handle to the... More >>

  Featured Breast Ornamentation

Pierced Nipple Chain

Pierced Nipple Chain $14.50

We originally chose these so that they could be worn as an attractive silver chain attached to the hoops of pierced nipples. They have a comfortably heavy feel to let you know that you have them on.

After testing, we also found that they work well as nipple clamps. Because... More >>

The Kinky Titilizer, Steel

The Kinky Titilizer, Steel $21.00

The Kinky Titilizer is a variation on the standard Titilizer. It has a miniature handcuff hanging from each of the nipple nooses to make an even kinkier fashion statement.

... More >>