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Gloves & Dams


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ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms

ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms $5.50 - $16.95

The word "innovation" doesn't come up often in discussing anything but material and thickness when it comes to condoms, but the makers of Pleasure Plus condoms aim to change that with their exclusive pleasure enhancing pouch, designed to stimulate both partners, and recreate the feeling of sex... More >>

SKYN Condoms

SKYN Condoms $4.00 - $12.95

Skyn condoms are the newest non-latex condoms from Lifestyles, and are perfect for those who can't wear latex condoms due to allergy or sensitivity concerns.

Rather than the standard latex substitute of polyurethene, Skyn condoms are made of polyisoprene for improved form fitting,... More >>

  Featured Gloves & Dams

Black Dragon Nitrile Gloves

Black Dragon Nitrile Gloves  $14.99

Black Dragon Nitrile Gloves are sexy and practical. Great for medical play and play piercing, the black color lends a stylish look to your scene. These gloves provide a protective barrier against bodily fluids and chemicals. Powder free, non-sterile and ambidextrous, these gloves have textured... More >>

Xtra Thin Dental Dams - 8" x 6",  30-Pack

Xtra Thin Dental Dams - 8" x 6", 30-Pack $24.00

Please help yourself to our Xtra Thin, .003" thick, dental grade dams. Dental dams are sheets of latex used in oral surgery to prevent germ transmission. In sexual contexts, many people use them as... More >>