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  Featured Water-based Lubricants

Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant

Wicked Jelle Anal Lubricant $13.00

This super slick water based lubricant is specially designed for anal play to increase sensation while minimizing painful friction. Long lasting and latex friendly, this anal lube is easy to clean up.

Product Details:

 • 120ml/4 fl oz
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Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant

Pjur Woman Nude Lubricant $18.99

Developed and formulated especially for the health conscious woman, this glycerine, paraben, and perfume free lubricant will help protect delicate and sensitive skin.

Apply to any area of the body where extra moisture is desired. Gentle and safe enough for daily use.
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  Featured Silicone-based Lubricants

Precision Pump Lube

Precision Pump Lube $22.00

Penis pumpers of the world, rejoice! Your days of being bothered by your dick coming out of the pump before you've had your satisfaction are over thanks to the awesome sealing power of this Precision Pump Lube!

Imagine never again having to deal with the disappointment of pumping... More >>

Wicked Ultra Silicone Lube

Wicked Ultra Silicone Lube $27.00

Silicone lubricants stay slick and slippery for longer than many water based lubes. Wicked Ultra silicone lube is a fragrance and additive free option for long lasting lubrication.

Product Details:

 • 4oz/120mL

 • Fragrance... More >>

  Featured Creams & Lotions

Swiss Navy Original Grease, 2 oz

Swiss Navy Original Grease, 2 oz $9.95

Extremely slick and long lasting, Swiss Navy Grease is the ideal oil-based personal lubricant for enhancing your sensual experience today! Great for masturbation and anal penetration.

Not latex compatible (use nitrile gloves or polyurethane condoms).

Available in... More >>

Swiss Navy Endurance Spray, 15ml

Swiss Navy Endurance Spray, 15ml $13.95

Swiss Navy Endurance Spray is a fast-acting formula with lidocaine that temporarily slows the onset of ejaculation and lets you have more fun for a little longer.

Available in 15mL spray... More >>

  Featured Massage Oils

JO 4. Oz Sensual Massage Oil

JO 4. Oz Sensual Massage Oil $22.99 - $23.99

System Jo Sensual Massage Glide is a bottle you’ll reach for repeatedly. It’s a concentrated massage oil, allowing two bodies to move together with ease. It’s a lubricant, safe for vaginal and anal lubrication. It’s also a skin and tattoo conditioner, fortified with vitamin E to leave your skin... More >>

Kama Sutra Massage Oil

Kama Sutra Massage Oil $16.99

The Kama Sutra Company has achieved consistently high quality in its products, which are characterized by delicious tastes, pleasant aromas and textures, tasteful packaging, and general sensual appeal. "All are made from essential oils and foodstuffs, proven soothing and flattering to the... More >>

  Featured Bath Products

Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea

Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea $19.00

Transform a simple bath into an ocean of azure blue. A blend of nature's most precious gifts - vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the sea leave the skin feeling soft, the body nourished and the soul reawakened. Complete with freshly scented bath sands and a real sea shell scoop, this kit is... More >>

Original I Rub My Duckie Vibe

Original I Rub My Duckie Vibe $19.00

These floating, waterproof little guys sit by your bath, jacuzzi, or bed with nothing more than those big innocent blue eyes to give away their real purpose in... More >>

  Featured Polish

Vivishine 5oz.

Vivishine 5oz. $23.99

Vivishine is an easy-to-use latex care product that will keep your outfits as beautiful and shiny as the day you bought them! It won't dry up or rub off the way traditional polishing with silicone sprays,... More >>

Manchester Leather Food

Manchester Leather Food $13.99

Manchester Leather Food (Clear) is an age-old reliable leather dressing that has been used throughout Europe to preserve leather items. Made in England, its combination of natural oils and waxes will replenish all of your favorite leather clothing, accessories, whips and harnesses while restoring... More >>

  Featured Lube Applicators

Spike Ultimate Anal Lubricant, 4 oz.

Spike Ultimate Anal Lubricant, 4 oz. $12.95

This is a water-soluble lubricant in a squeeze bottle with an applicator tip. The tip is long and slim for easy lube application. Handy and effective!

Contains: Propylene Glycol,... More >>

The Lube Shooter (R)

The Lube Shooter (R) $7.50

The Lube Shooter® personal lube applicator keeps lubricant where it belongs – between the cheeks, and not on the sheets! Now available in five colors besides the original red, our Lube Shooter® can hold any type and texture of lube, from thin water-based liquid to thick heavy oil-based cream,... More >>