Art & Photography

The History and Arts of the Dominatrix

The History and Arts of the Dominatrix $74.95

By Anne O Nomis

Hardcover, 288 Pages with over 86 full color illustrations

Each purchase of this book includes a bookplate personally autographed by the author!

This volume beautifully reveals the ancient roots of the Dominatrix with a rich, detailed,... More >>

Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck $35.00

Hardcover, 128 pages

Karen Hsiao’s first book, "Rubber Duck," uses a simple object, the rubber duck, and a single location, the bathtub, to examine and expose various stages of the human life cycle. From birth to death, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, the human... More >>

Black Cherries

Black Cherries $30.00

99 Pages, Softcover

In Karen Hsiao’s second book, "Black Cherries," she uses similar minimalism as she did in her first book, "Karen Hsiao: Rubber Duck."

All of the Black Cherry girls are enclosed in a singular graphic black or red circle. The black and red circle... More >>

Strictly Bondage

Strictly Bondage $24.95

Ravishing girls, naked and tethered. In more than 200 high quality black and white pictures, photographer Victor Lightworship shepherds us into the fascinating world of erotic submissiveness.

Tied up with expertly applied knots, these innocent young creatures are at the tantalizing mercy... More >>

13 Years of Bondage: The Photography of Rick Castro

13 Years of Bondage: The Photography of Rick Castro $46.00

13 Years of Bondage: The Photography of Rick Castro , is a hardcover monograph book containing over 120 stunning duotone images,... More >>

Latex Fashion Photography

Latex Fashion Photography $44.95

From the Back Cover:

"What a tight fit! The most popular models are posing in their finest latex outfits in front of the cameras of the best fetish and fashion photographers of the world. Pure eroticism and elegance. Latex Fashion Photography is a lustful compilation on... More >>

Steve Diet Goedde, Kumi Postcard Collection

Steve Diet Goedde, Kumi Postcard Collection $10.00

World renowned fetish photographer Steve Diet Goedde (pronounced Diet Geddy) has released a “greatest hits” collection of photographs featuring international fetish model & performer Kumi. The collection of images, hand-selected personally by Steve and Kumi, includes 8 black and white photos... More >>

Steve Diet Goedde - GoeddeConcerto CD+Booklet

Steve Diet Goedde - GoeddeConcerto CD+Booklet $20.00

Steve Diet Goedde, internationally renowned erotic photographer, and Robert Waechter, concertmaster of the Philharmonic Orchestra/Opera de Nice, France, have released an audio/visual collaboration entitled GoeddeConcerto. The CD features 21 concertos inspired by 21 photographs by Steve Diet... More >>

Steve Diet Goedde/ Masuimi Max Postcard Collection

Steve Diet Goedde/ Masuimi Max Postcard Collection $12.99

Acclaimed fetish photographer Steve Diet Goedde (pronounced Diet Geddy) has released a deluxe limited edition postcard set featuring images of long-time collaborator Masuimi Max.

The 10 color and black and white images are printed on 5"x7" 14pt UV-coated super-glossy... More >>

Steve Diet Goedde Posters

Steve Diet Goedde Posters $29.95

Each of these fine art posters is from the master of contemporary fetish photography, Steve Diet Goedde. Each poster measures 24" by 30" and is suitable for ready-made frames.

These black and white images are created using a 4-color printing process, making... More >>

Living Through Steve Diet Goedde

Living Through Steve Diet Goedde $20.00

Now, the exquisite photography of Steve Diet Goedde is offered in this unique new DVD anthology. Presenting over 700 black & white and color images, it blends ambient media and motion into an art book on DVD. All images are displayed in continuous-play galleries in addition to... More >>

Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes

Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes $16.95

When Two Knotty Boys, Dan and J. D., began teaching rope bondage together in 1999, they discovered that most people learn best when they're shown — close up, step by step, and repeatedly — how to tie basic knots and combine them into bondage techniques. It is this learning process... More >>

Back on the Ropes - Two Knotty Boys

Back on the Ropes - Two Knotty Boys $22.00

In their sophomore book release, entitled Showing You the Ropes, the Two Knotty Boys packaged up all the tricks of the trade perfect for beginners seeking BDSM rope tutorials. In Back on the Ropes, Dan and J.D. provide an illustrated, step-by-step guide for tying 61 different bondage knots and how... More >>

Harry Bush, Hard Boys

Harry Bush, Hard Boys $50.00

Harry Bush’s drawings for magazines such as Physique Pictorial, Mr. Sun, Touch, Drummer, and Stroke combined masterful technique, exceptionally well-endowed subjects, and a wicked sense of humor that made his work extremely popular. Despite long periods of self-imposed retirement and... More >>

Petals by Nick Karras

Petals by Nick Karras $40.00

The body of a woman has been the subject of art forever. Sculptors, painters, and photographers have tried to capture the nature, shape, and mood of female sexuality.

The collection of photography in Petals captures the unique beauty and central mystery of a woman’s... More >>

Mystical Sirens Hardcover Book, Collectors Edition

Mystical Sirens Hardcover Book, Collectors Edition $19.00

Mystical Sirens is a collection of some of the most enchanting photographs of beautiful models featured in "Mystique" magazine. Mystique uses fantasy to create moods and feelings, so a rich story and a developed character can be attached and incorporated into a photo... More >>

Binarotica (Tsubasa)

Binarotica (Tsubasa) $19.95

Binarotica is a fantastical compilation and ten-year retrospective of digital erotic art by the artist, tsubasa. Tsubasa (Bill Reichardt) burst onto the scene in 1996 with his first digital renderings, uber-imaginative illustrations of bizarre and synthetic sci-fi type settings populated... More >>

My Love, Diary of a Loving S/M Relationship

My Love, Diary of a Loving S/M Relationship $47.00

From the author: "This book has 120 pages filled with color photographs of my intimate S/M moments with my love - my Master. My husband/Master, Uwe, took all of these photographs during our first two years together. The pictures are accompanied by English text which describes my own... More >>

Spirit and Flesh

Spirit and Flesh $25.00

Regular Price: $50.00
Clearance Price: $25.00!

If you've ever seen Fakir Musafar's photographs in "Modern Primitives", Body Play magazine or on television programs, you will know what to expect of his... More >>

Naked Ambition

Naked Ambition $23.00

Regular Price: $32.00
Clearance Price: $23.00!

Naked Ambition goes backstage at the Adult Video News Awards where celebrity photographer Michael Grecco shows us everything: the convention, the celebrities, the... More >>


The Illustrated Master of O

The Illustrated Master of O $49.95

The Illustrated Master of O
By Ernest Greene, 625 pages
Large Format edition, printed on A4 paper (8.3in X 11.7in)
Daedalus Publishing

Enter the world of Steven Diamond and O as never before with this large format paperback edition of Ernest Greene's... More >>

Slave Girls

Slave Girls $15.95

Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission
Edited by D.L. King

From the back cover:

The Gift of Submission Forever in an electric dance of give and take, pleasure and power are inextricably linked. In Slave Girls, award-winning... More >>

Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission

Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission $15.95

Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

From the publisher:

The lucky women in Yes, Sir give up control to irresistibly powerful men who understand that dominance is about exulting in power that is freely... More >>

Master of O Paperback

Master of O Paperback $17.00

Master of O
By Ernest Greene, 763 pages
Daedalus Publishing

Enter the decadent dungeons frequented by the powerful players of Los Angeles in this sexy virtual page turner!

Steven Diamond is a high-powered LA attorney by day, but by night he uses... More >>

The Juliette Society (Sasha Grey)

The Juliette Society (Sasha Grey) $15.00

Paperback, 320 pages

From the Publisher:

Before we go any further, let's get this out of the way. I want you to do three things for me.

One. Do not be offended by anything you read beyond this point.

Two. Leave your inhibitions at the... More >>

Master of O eBook

Master of O eBook $9.99

Master of O
By Ernest Greene, 917 pages
Daedalus Publishing
Buy the paperback edition!

Enter the decadent dungeons frequented by the powerful players of Los Angeles in this sexy virtual page... More >>

My Private Life (Mistress Nan)

My Private Life (Mistress Nan) $16.95

Within these pages the author allows the reader a brief glimpse into the true private life of an erotically dominant woman. As you read each sexually charged chapter it is often hard to believe that what you are reading is true. But nothing in this book is fiction.
More >>

Sweet Life- Erotic Fantasies for Couples (Violet Blue)

Sweet Life- Erotic Fantasies for Couples (Violet Blue) $15.95

Looking for a little inspiration? You’ll find it here, in expertly crafted, explicit stories of couples who try out their number one sexual fantasies — with explosive results.

Sex educator Violet Blue brings together a collection of erotic fantasies sure to keep you up... More >>

F is for Fetish

F is for Fetish  $12.00

[from back cover]
The feeling of being zipped up tight in a leather jacket. The flood of desire unleashed by the glimpse of perfectly shaped feet caressed by high heel shoes. A skillfully executed spanking. In F is for Fetish, Allison Tyler has collected fourteen tantalizing... More >>

H is for Hardcore

H is for Hardcore $12.00

[from back cover]
"I don't want nice and clean," Allison Tyler writes, "I want hot and fast. Dark and dirty. I want hardcore." H is for Hardcore delivers that special intensity that elevates sex from ordinary to hardcore. A novice visits a sex club for the first time hoping to... More >>

L is for Leather

L is for Leather $12.00

[from back cover]
Leather chaps, combat boots, black leather gloves, stilettos, belts and hoods all give way to kinky stories of leather adventures. Zip yourself into a skin-tight full-length coat, redolent with the feral fragrance of animal passion. Meet a cowboy after church who... More >>


Menage $13.95

Menage is a gay erotic literary triptych, featuring 3 novella length erotic romances with fetish overtones written by Xavier Axelson.

Collection includes 3 short novels:

Dutch's Boy: A cowboy tale.

The Incident: A... More >>

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy $15.95 - $40.00

The Fifty Shades phenomenon is an unstoppable force bringing a sweet swirl of spicy BDSM kink to formerly vanilla readers. Here at The Stockroom, we love any excuse to heap on a healthy topping of, so we are pleased to offer the literary sensation of the day: All 3 books in the... More >>

Phone Sex

Phone Sex $15.95

Aural Thrills and Oral Skills

Miranda Austin has been using her voice and imagination to get her partners off, both professionally and personally, for nearly a decade.
Now, she shares her secrets of “aural sex,” plus plenty of juicy anecdotes culled... More >>

but I know what you want

but I know what you want $13.95

Think you know what your sexual orientation is? What you might like to do? What you’d never try? What sex you are? Prepare for an erotic journey in the unthinkable….

From the frontiers of sexual identity comes this collection of stories by a master erotic... More >>

Rubber Sex - A Collection

Rubber Sex - A Collection $14.95

Rubber Sex - A Collection of Erotic Stories
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Rubber, latex, and PVC all cling to the skin and the have the power to make their wearers feel sensual, sexy, and aroused. In this collection, the world's hottest erotic authors... More >>

Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales

Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales $14.95

Move over, Brokeback, there’s something sexier… Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales, from the classy folks at Cleiss Press, edited by Tom Graham, delves into the randy possibilities of cattle rustlers, outlaws, and small town farm boys. With stories such as Ranch-Hand Hookup, Pole Inn,... More >>

Best Lesbian Erotica

Best Lesbian Erotica $14.95

If you’re looking for a little girl-on-girl stimulation, and you’re weary of paying for online lesbian video delights, may we suggest getting off the old fashioned way? This collection from Cleis Press, edited by Tristan Taormino with an introduction by Emma Donoghue, delivers just... More >>

A is for Amour

A is for Amour $12.00

Tantalizing, tasteful and discreet, Cleis Press has unveiled the Erotic Alphabet, a new series edited by Alison Tyler (Best Bondage Erotica). This collection of seductive little books begins at the beginning with A is for Amour, a set of luscious tales about falling in love and... More >>

C is for Coeds

C is for Coeds $12.00

Naughty students, punishing professors and provocative roommates fill the pages of this saucy little book. The third installment in Alison Tyler’s Erotic Alphabet series (Cleis Press), C is for Coeds is rife with stories of erotic liberation set in the hallowed halls of academia.... More >>

D is for Dress-Up

D is for Dress-Up $12.00

Fishnet stockings, velvet gloves, spiky heels and plenty of lace weave their way through this enticing book of stories about dressing for sex. The fourth installment Alison Tyler’s Erotic Alphabet series (Cleis Press), D is for Dress-Up delves into the realm of fantasy wear, from... More >>

Best Gay Romance

Best Gay Romance $14.95

Openly erotic and smart, the stories in Best Gay Romance deliver hope and happy endings.

Dale Chase’s “The Early Show” describes the tantalizing flirtation of two writers who share an eccentric habit of showing up early to Sunday matinees to enjoy the promising half-dark... More >>

Best Lesbian Romance

Best Lesbian Romance $14.95

The erotic stories of Best Lesbian Romance put a new spin on lesbian love.

In Lynne Jamneck’s “Shooting Snow,” set in Greenland, a photographer and the scientist who has brought her north gradually melt the glacier between them. In Lisa Figueroa’s “Under the Skin,” a... More >>

Best Bondage Erotica

Best Bondage Erotica $15.95

One of the most prolific writers of erotica today, editor Alison Tyler has assembled twenty-one steamy stories of women and men in the throes of pleasurable restraint - intricately secured by ropes, locked in handcuffs, or bound simply by a lover's command. Always playful and... More >>

Debbie‘s Gift

Debbie‘s Gift $18.00

Debbie has a special surprise for her loving lawyer husband, Ron. After a passionate night of erotically charged lovemaking, Ron dreamily agrees to become Debbie's slave. The next morning, a harsh reality sets in as Ron is "netted" and carted away in a dark limousine to be trained in... More >>

Chainmale: 3SM (Don Bastian)

Chainmale: 3SM (Don Bastian) $13.95

This fast-paced account of one man's experience with his own sexuality, and eventual involvement in a loving and successful three-way kink relationship, is uninhibited and honest. Flowing craftily between coming of age memories, thoughts and philosophies, and personal scene-related... More >>

Between The Cracks

Between The Cracks $18.95

Poets have always been kinky. Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? If the poets do not tell us, then how will we know? S&M, piercing, drag, dildos: is any of this really new? Or are we only revisiting Pandora's bountiful box?

From the lascivious satire of Catullus to... More >>

Story of O (Pauline Reage)

Story of O (Pauline Reage) $10.00

This is a beautifully crafted bit of erotic literature which is considered by many to be the classic S/M novel. It deals with a woman named O and her life as a slave to her masters and mistresses.

By Pauline... More >>

Carrie‘s Story

Carrie‘s Story $13.95

"I had been Jonathan's slave for about a year when he told me he wanted to sell me at an auction. I wasn't in any condition to respond when he told me this…"

So begins Carrie's tale of uncompromising sexual adventure. Imagine the Story of O starring a Berkeley PhD in... More >>

Safe Word

Safe Word $14.95

"My favorite neo-Victorian erotic romance writer...bring on the ponies!" - Susie Bright

The sequel to Carrie's Story, Safe Word continues Molly Weatherfield's tale of uncompromising sexual adventure. Carrie leaves behind her life with her lover, Jonathan, intent on proving... More >>

Best Bondage Erotica 2012

Best Bondage Erotica 2012 $15.95

[From Back Cover:]
Whether you prefer a tough top with shiny handcuffs, the tug of a rope on your skin, or the sound of your lover's command, Rachel Kramer Bussel serves your need. Her Best Bondage Erotica 2012 imagines all the ways you can get your kink on with stories of... More >>

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 $15.95

[From Back Cover:]
Give in to your every fantasy as you devour these explicit and sensual stories.

In Best Lesbian Erotica 2012, women are looking for a little bit of everything: love, lust, and that special someone who brings both to bed. Kiki DeLovely's "Heartfirst"... More >>

My Life and Loves (Frank Harris)

My Life and Loves (Frank Harris) $13.00

Regular Price: $16.95
Clearance Price: $13.00!

This is the autobiography of a very accomplished sexual adventurer who drops names shamelessly.

As a very successful editor of some top literary... More >>

120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings (Marquis de Sade)

120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings (Marquis de Sade) $17.95

"One must do violence to the object of one's desire; when it surrenders, the pleasure is greater."

-120 Days of Sodom was written while Sade was imprisoned in the Bastille. This masterwork reads like a catalog of sexual depravity. Four storytellers spend a month telling... More >>

Juliette (Marquis de Sade)

Juliette (Marquis de Sade) $21.95

"As concerns the cruelty which leads to murder, we may confidently submit that it is one of man's most natural dispositions; it is one of the sweetest penchants, one of the keenest he has received from Nature; cruelty in man is simply an expression of his desire to exercise his... More >>

Sex Tips & Instructional

The Toybag Guide To Chastity Play

The Toybag Guide To Chastity Play $9.95

The Toybag Guide to Chastity Play
Softcover, 106pp
By Mistress Simone

From the back cover:
What's so sexy about not having sex? Everything, says Mistress Simone - when chastity is enforced by a hot dominant and backed by the right attitude and... More >>

Naughty Knots: Light Bondage and Bedroom Tricks

Naughty Knots: Light Bondage and Bedroom Tricks $10.00

224 pages
By Potter Style

From the back of this book:

Learn the ropes of erotic bondage with this discreet knot-tying guide. Discover how to restrain your partner simply and safely, and how to fashion a suggestive corset, a crop for spanking, and... More >>

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure $17.95

Paperback, 368 pages

From the Publisher:

The P-spot is today's hottest topic in male sexuality. Just as G-spot exploration forever transformed many women's experience of orgasm, growing numbers of men are enhancing their sex lives with P-spot arousal and orgasm. The... More >>

The Jealousy Workbook

The Jealousy Workbook $19.95

The Jealousy Workbook: Exercises and Insights for Managing Open Relationships

From Greenery Press, 200 pages

From the publisher:

These accessible, simple techniques are designed to be easily implemented in the event of an intense jealousy crisis. They are... More >>

Sex with the Lights On

Sex with the Lights On $15.95

From the Back Cover:

Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but weren't afraid to ask, in this handy how-to guide from celebrated sex educator Ducky Doolittle.

For more than a decade, Ducky has been teaching sex and performing her one-woman show, visiting hundreds... More >>

Back on the Ropes - Two Knotty Boys

Back on the Ropes - Two Knotty Boys $22.00

In their sophomore book release, entitled Showing You the Ropes, the Two Knotty Boys packaged up all the tricks of the trade perfect for beginners seeking BDSM rope tutorials. In Back on the Ropes, Dan and J.D. provide an illustrated, step-by-step guide for tying 61 different bondage knots and how... More >>

Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes

Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes $16.95

When Two Knotty Boys, Dan and J. D., began teaching rope bondage together in 1999, they discovered that most people learn best when they're shown — close up, step by step, and repeatedly — how to tie basic knots and combine them into bondage techniques. It is this learning process... More >>

The Human Pony

The Human Pony $27.95

The age-old fetish of the ponygirl or ponyboy has never been hotter! Today’s kinksters, responding to the compelling creak of leather, the attention-getting snap of whips, and the rhythmic clip-clop of hooves, have built an entire fetish and community around the beauty, power and erotic appeal of... More >>

Play Piercing

Play Piercing $13.95

Play piercing – the temporary insertion of sterile needles just under the surface of the skin – is acknowledged by many kinky players as one of the surest routes to bliss and transcendence (not to mention erotic excitement).

Here you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of... More >>

21st Century KinkyCrafts

21st Century KinkyCrafts $19.95

Lots of us Kinky folk would enjoy a good how-to book. Well, you need look no further.

Dozens of the beloved basic build-it-yourself S&M toys from the Original KinkyCrafts – the Thousand Tailed Flogger, the Bubble Wrap Dildo and more – are still in widespread use in... More >>

Age Play

Age Play $9.95

Introducing the Toybag Guides: Workshops in a Book from the scene's top educators!

Sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guide you can drop in your toybag!

You’re as young as you feel! The adult baby, the sassy schoolgirl, the bratty teen – all hold an... More >>

Medical Play

Medical Play $9.95

Introducing the Toybag Guides: Workshops in a Book from the scene's top educators!
Sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guide you can drop in your toybag!

Guidelines and ideas for anyone erotically attuned to being a doctor, nurse or patient! More >>

The Adventurous Couple‘s Guide to Sex Toys

The Adventurous Couple‘s Guide to Sex Toys $14.95

Feeling adventurous? In this witty and well-informed consumer guide, bestselling author and sex educator Violet Blue shows how to choose and use sex toys to play and explore together-and have mind-blowing sex. She leads couples through the maze of sex toys on the market, explaining the many options... More >>

Toybag Guide to Foot and Shoe Worship (Midori)

Toybag Guide to Foot and Shoe Worship (Midori) $9.95

This volume on the fine art of foot and shoe worship packs a kick for the novice and experienced alike, taking this complex subject and breaking it down into step by step instructions and suggestions. From torment to pampering and everything in between, the Toybag Guide to Foot & Shoe Worship is an... More >>

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage (Midori)

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage (Midori) $27.95

From ornately decorative to excruciatingly stringent, Japanese rope bondage is an art which has developed over centuries of martial and erotic practice. Now, accomplished Japanese-born educator and practitioner Midori shows step by step how to achieve beautiful and exciting Japanese... More >>

Leather and Latex Care

Leather and Latex Care $11.00

Leather and latex clothing has become quite popular in recent years. Both the mainstream fashion industry and alternative sexual subcultures have propelled leather and latex wear to unprecedented popularity. But these materials require special care if they are to maintain their beauty.
More >>

Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex

Folsom Book: A Guide to Electric Sex $9.50

Written by the folks at Folsom Electric Company, this is a basic manual on using signal generator boxes (low-frequency) with electrode attachments for erotic play. This book is great for beginners looking for clear and basic instructions for e-stim play.

It covers... More >>

Erotic Bondage Handbook (Jay Wiseman)

Erotic Bondage Handbook (Jay Wiseman) $16.95

For years there has been an obvious need (and a lot of popular demand) for a basic handbook on bondage - especially rope bondage and knot tying. But it seems all the people who are expert in this area were too busy binding and tying their friends and lovers to take the time to actually... More >>

Family Jewels (Haberman)

Family Jewels (Haberman) $12.95

The publisher writes: "Simultaneously powerful and vulnerable, the male genitals offer boundless possibilities for painful pleasures. From anatomy to psychology to descriptions of actual play scenarios, here's a wealth of information and ideas for any man or woman who wants to offer more pleasure... More >>

S/M 101 (Jay Wiseman)

S/M 101 (Jay Wiseman) $24.95 | SALE: $18.71

This 245-page book, written by a heterosexual man who is a long-term veteran of the American S/M scene, attempts to present an in-depth, comprehensive introduction to S/M and its many facets: technique, safety, psychological/emotional issues, finding a partner, relationships, the... More >>

Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies Book

Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies Book $9.95

Introducing the Toybag Guides: Workshops in a Book from the scene's top educators!

Sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guide you can drop in your toybag!

A workshop in a book on dungeon emergencies and supplies- including:
• the thirty most common BDSM... More >>

Clips and Clamps Book

Clips and Clamps Book $9.95

Introducing the Toybag Guides: Workshops in a Book from the scene's top educators!

Sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guide you can drop in your toybag!

A workshop in a book on clips and clamps - including: - Clothespins and beyond - types of clips and... More >>

Canes and Caning Book

Canes and Caning Book $9.95

Introducing the Toybag Guides: Workshops in a Book from the scene's top educators!

Sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guide you can drop in your toybag!

A workshop in a book on canes and caning - including:
- Cane styles and materials
- Caning... More >>

Hot Wax and Temperature Play

Hot Wax and Temperature Play $9.95

Introducing the Toybag Guides: Workshops in a Book from the scene's top educators!

Sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guide you can drop in your toybag!

A workshop in a book on hot wax and temperature play - including:
- Types of wax and candles
-... More >>

The Piercing Bible

The Piercing Bible $20.00

Piercing pioneer Elayne Angel has performed over 40,000 piercings since the 1980s and has brought many practices, such as tongue-piercing, into the mainstream. She brings her exhaustive knowledge to this groundbreaking manual that covers everything you need to know about the process,... More >>

The Toybag Guide to Basic Rope Bondage

The Toybag Guide to Basic Rope Bondage $9.95

From the back cover:

"Here's your fast fingertip guide to the basics of binding your sweetie! Jay Wiseman, world-famous author of SM 101 and Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook, will guide you through the foundations, knots, and positions you need. Soon you'll find... More >>

Sex Disasters  and How to Survive Them

Sex Disasters and How to Survive Them $16.95

Some sex disasters make you laugh. Some make you cringe. Some send you running for help. And here’s the place to learn about all of them…a jammed handcuff, a cop at the door, a date who won’t take no for an answer, a short-circuited vibrator, and dozens more:
More >>

Nina Hartley‘s Guide to Total Sex

Nina Hartley‘s Guide to Total Sex $25.95

Feminist, registered nurse, sex educator and star of more than 400 adult films, Hartley's sex guide is a thorough, level-headed and straightforward look at all things sexual. Eighteen witty, easy-to-read chapters cover subjects from foreplay and cunnilingus to fellatio, three-ways, domination,... More >>

Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, (Violet Blue)

Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, (Violet Blue) $19.00

This book is written for the fetishist, for their lovers and for anyone who wants to make a fetish into a sex toy. Or, to maximize a fetish, figure out if you have a fetish, how to talk about it with a lover, "come out" about your fetish, or find community—or just hot porn. Most everyone has a... More >>

Sensuous Magic (Patrick Califia)

Sensuous Magic (Patrick Califia) $14.95

For all couples interested in bondage, S/M, dominance and submission - women and men of all sexual orientations and genders.

Topics include:

How to introduce bondage, spanking, whipping, and other S/M techniques into your relationship; how to choose whips,... More >>

Secret Sexual Positions (Stubbs, Ph.D.)

Secret Sexual Positions (Stubbs, Ph.D.) $16.95

This new, lavishly illustrated guidebook by the bestselling author of Erotic Massage takes readers on a tour of sexual practices throughout the ages. Drawing on a rich variety of cultures and eras, Secret Sexual Positions provides methods that can open us to forgotten or undiscovered... More >>

Anal Sex for Couples

Anal Sex for Couples $19.95

"Anal Sex For Couples" is a good basic introduction to anal penetration and intercourse. Geared towards straight couples who are interested in, but hesitant about, anal sex, this book destroys the myth that anal sex must be painful and introduces the techniques, tools, and methods... More >>

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus (Violet Blue)

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus (Violet Blue) $14.95

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus, How to Go Down on a Woman and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure.

The complete self-help book on cunnilingus for everyone who would like to enjoy cunnilingus—women and men!

Sex educator Violet Blue tells you all you need to know to... More >>

The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio (Violet Blue)

The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio (Violet Blue) $14.95

The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio

How to Go Down on a Man and Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure

The complete step-by-step guide to fellatio for everyone — men and women!


How to introduce fellatio into your sexual repertoire
... More >>

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori)

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori) $17.99

This delightfully twisted new volume by acclaimed writer and sex educator Midori titillates as well as educates. Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink takes erotic adventure to a personal level and exposes some of Midori's most helpful and empowering secrets.

Let the world famous Midori... More >>

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book (Felice Newman)

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book (Felice Newman) $24.95

Finally, a sex guide for all of us. Whether you are lesbian, bisexual, butch, femme, androgynous, or transgendered - and even if you have just discovered that you want to have sex with a woman - this book is for you. Here's everything you need to know about creating a sex life that... More >>

Tricks to Please a Woman (Jay Wiseman)

Tricks to Please a Woman (Jay Wiseman) $13.95

Bestselling sex author and educator, Jay Wiseman, created his Tricks series of books on "how to make good sex better" nearly a decade ago. They've been... More >>

A Hand in the Bush (Deborah Addington)

A Hand in the Bush (Deborah Addington) $13.95

"Fisting is an incredible experience, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally." This book thoroughly details all the ins-and-outs of giving and receiving vaginal orgasms with the fisted hand.

There are surprisingly few texts on this subject. This one is very easy... More >>

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men (Bill Brent)

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men (Bill Brent) $14.95

From the publishers of the best-selling, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, comes a companion book specifically for men. This is a sexy, fun-to-read guide, offering comprehensive information on all aspects of anal play:

- Clear, illustrated discussion of anatomy
... More >>

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Tristan Taormino)

Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Tristan Taormino) $16.95

The publisher writes: The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women offers comprehensive information on all aspects of anal eroticism and health. For all women, heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual, who want to learn how to enjoy anal sex with a partner or by themselves:

- Clear,... More >>

Soaked by Joseph Bean

Soaked by Joseph Bean $14.95

Soaked! is full of Erotic stories of piss play and guidelines to make getting soaked or satisfying your thirst safer, wilder and more enjoyably.

How complicated can a little Water Sports action be? It's our attraction to that warm wetness that noted author and historian... More >>

Screw The Roses, Send Me the Thorns

Screw The Roses, Send Me the Thorns $24.95

One of the better classic instructional/overview S/M books, first added to our inventory by popular demand after being discussed extensively in various message boards.

There is lots of technical info (with illustrations and photos) on bondage, leather, knot... More >>

Erotic Slavehood

Erotic Slavehood $15.95

The legendary Miss Christina Abernathy, before her retirement from the scene, condensed her considerable wisdom and experience on the topic of consensual erotic owner/slave relationships into two essential guidebooks. Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual set forth the... More >>

When Someone You Love is Kinky

When Someone You Love is Kinky $15.95

Many, many people in this world have sexual interests or practices that are in some way unusual. These people may enjoy bondage or spanking, erotic role-playing, dressing in special clothes that turn them on, or a host of other activities that place them outside the sexual... More >>

The Master‘s Manual (Rinella)

The Master‘s Manual (Rinella) $15.95

The idea of erotically dominating a partner appeals to many people. Unfortunately, there have been few resources from which to learn how to do this in a safe, fun, and responsible way. The Master's Manual examines various aspects of erotic dominance including SM, safety, sex, erotic... More >>

The Compleat Slave (Jack Rinella)

The Compleat Slave (Jack Rinella) $15.95

This informative overview of the leather scene features Rinella's guidelines, tips and personal experiences in creating safe and sane Master/slave relationships.

Whether you are a novice D/s player or an experienced Master or slave, this volume will prove a welcome... More >>

SlaveCraft (Guy Baldwin)

SlaveCraft (Guy Baldwin) $15.95

SlaveCraft dares to delve beneath the surface of D/s relationships and gives the reader an intimate and revealing view from a rare perspective - that of a slave. Guy Baldwin, author of More >>

Painfully Obvious (Davolt)

Painfully Obvious (Davolt) $16.95

Nominated for 2005 Stonewall Book Award
- American Library Association

"Painfully Obvious" is a collection of 40 provocative essays by the former publisher of Drummer magazine and popular San Francisco leather columnist, Robert... More >>

Mistress Manual (Mistress Lorelei)

Mistress Manual (Mistress Lorelei) $16.95

Dubbed "The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance," this is a great book from an experienced practitioner.

The main sections are:

Becoming a Mistress (including chapters on Why Become a Mistress, The Reluctant Mistress, Maintaining your Relationship); The... More >>

The New Topping Book

The New Topping Book $14.95

This book covers the hows and whys of playing the dominant role, written by two experienced players. Sections include: What do tops do?, How do you learn?, S/M ethics, Wild scenes we have known, If it doesn't go the way you planned, Toys, Where all the bottoms are, and Shadow play.... More >>

The New Bottoming Book (Easton and Hardy)

The New Bottoming Book (Easton and Hardy) $14.95

Since the first Bottoming Book taught tens of thousands of people that bottoming - being a submissive, masochist, slave boy or girl, or other BDSM recipient - is as much an art as topping, the growing popularity of BDSM, and the blossoming of the Internet as a source of information and... More >>

Woof! (Michael Daniels)

Woof! (Michael Daniels) $16.95

Woof! leads the way in informing and enlightening readers about the realm of human pups and their Handlers. Michael Daniels' book offers a wonderful, first-hand look at the hows and whys of human pups as well as guidance for their care and training.

He gives the dog play... More >>

Sexually Dominant Woman Workbook (Lady Green)

Sexually Dominant Woman Workbook (Lady Green) $11.95

Billed as "A Workbook for Nervous Beginners," this revised and updated 86-page book offers a... More >>

The Compleat Spanker (Lady Green)

The Compleat Spanker (Lady Green) $12.95

"A valuable resource for new explorers, seasoned players, and open-minded non-participants alike." Headings such as "Anatomy of a Spankee", "Positions", "Communication and Mood", "Tips, Tricks, and Fun Things to Try." A few illustrative drawings.

The section called "Why Do... More >>

The Ethical Slut

The Ethical Slut $16.99

The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures, is a popular and often referenced book from Greenery Press, written by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy, the authors of The Bottoming Book and The Topping Book.

This updated 2nd edition eloquently... More >>

The Ultimate Guide to Kink

The Ultimate Guide to Kink $19.95

This collection of communal knowledge of kink and kinky craft covers the ins-and-outs of BDSM, role play, necessary wear and gear, with beautiful illustrations from Katie Diamond, and informative essays from some of our favorite voices including Midori, Jack Rinella, Ignacio Rivera, and more! This... More >>

Radical Ecstasy

Radical Ecstasy $16.95

For Millennia, seekers have used physical and emotional extremes to achieve transcendence and exaltation. Today, many BDSM and leather practitioners are discovering the potential of these practices to reach personal, interpersonal and spiritual goals.

In these pages,... More >>

Healing Sex

Healing Sex $25.95

Healing Sex is the encouraging, sex-positive guide for all women survivors of sexual assault- heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, coupled, and single-who want to delight in their own sexuality.

While most books on the topic broach sexuality to reassure... More >>

My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up

My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up $13.95

From the acclaimed author of Happy Baby (MacAdam/Cage Publishing), comes this brilliant collection of fiction, memoir and the murky terrain betwixt and between. My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up (Cleis Press) offers some of the most provocative texts on the BDSM... More >>

Bondage for Sex (Chanta Rose)

Bondage for Sex (Chanta Rose) $31.95

In "Bondage for Sex," Chanta Rose teaches bondage that is easy, safe, and comfortable during penetrative sex. For many couples, the bondage comes off before the sex begins. Here Rose teaches rope bondage that couples can use safely during partner sex, thereby incorporating bondage as part of the... More >>

LeatherSex (Joseph Bean)

LeatherSex (Joseph Bean) $16.95

This book was written for people seeking a more interesting and fulfilling erotic life. It gives guidance in one popular style of erotic play which the author calls "leathersex"-sexuality that may include S/M, bondage, dominance, submission, fantasy, role playing, sensual physical stimulation, and... More >>

Leathersex Q and A (Joseph Bean)

Leathersex Q and A (Joseph Bean) $16.95

Here, the author of Leathersex becomes the Ann Landers of Leather, answering scores of actual letters sent to him over several years of his career as a lecturer, columnist, and editor of a gay men's leather magazine. His answers and insights are intended for anyone trying to negotiate... More >>

Ties That Bind (Guy Baldwin)

Ties That Bind (Guy Baldwin) $16.95

The writings of Guy Baldwin, one of the most respected and knowledgeable people on the subject of the SM/leather/fetish erotic style, have been compiled in this book. Issues regarding relationships, the community, the SM experience, and personal transformation, as they relate to this... More >>

Urban Aboriginals (Geoff Mains)

Urban Aboriginals (Geoff Mains) $15.95

A subculture of gay men participate in a radical form of sexuality and community known as leather. Through intimate forms of encounter, using such tools as pain-pleasure, bondage, and role-play, leather can bring a shift of consciousness and a new vision of the self.
More >>

Leather Contest Guide (Guy Baldwin)

Leather Contest Guide (Guy Baldwin) $14.95

This is truly an exhaustive guide to the leather contest. Contest promoters, contestants, judges and winners will all benefit from the sound advice presented in this book.

Written by Guy Baldwin, one of the most famous names in the leather community and a former titleholder, this book... More >>

Leatherfolk (Mark Thompson, ed.)

Leatherfolk (Mark Thompson, ed.) $17.95

Since its publication a decade ago, this Lambda Literary Award-nominated book has become a classic must-read on the shelf of books adressing human sexuality and identity. Widely cited as among the most useful books of its kind, Leatherfolk is both... More >>

Beneath The Skins (Ivo Dominguez)

Beneath The Skins (Ivo Dominguez) $14.00

In recent years, large numbers men and women have coalesced into a vibrant community that generally refers to itself as the leather/SM/fetish community. This community is defined by a common interest in styles of sexuality that are broadly described by the term "leather/SM/fetish." With the... More >>

Please Understand Me II, Keirsey

Please Understand Me II, Keirsey $15.95

This practical and insightful book about personality types has been so useful for us and our friends, families, and business associates that we decided it would make things easier for all of us if we stocked it.

Phenomenon: Keirsey and Bates's Please Understand Me, first... More >>

Partners in Power (Jack Rinella)

Partners in Power (Jack Rinella) $16.95

Is it possible to form lasting, healthy, loving relationships that are based on power, control and pain? Of course, says Jack Rinella, author of The Master's Manual and The Compleat Slave.

Respected columnist and scene leader, Rinella, has carefully explored how BDSM... More >>

Consensual SadoMasochism

Consensual SadoMasochism $17.95

Easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to understand, in this book the authors define and demystify the unique language of consensual sadomasochism, examine the psychological power of erotic dominance and submission, provide a carefully considered guide for safe SM play, and explain... More >>

Love In Abundance

Love In Abundance $15.95

Relationship counselor Kathy Labriola offers an overview of alternatives to monogamy in this revealing, liberating, and informative book. This work is broken into easily discernable chapters including a working definition and layout of the models of open relationships, followed by an examination of... More >>

The Loving Dominant

The Loving Dominant  $16.95

John Warren, known as "Mentor" to the tens of thousands who have read his books or hearkened to his advice at his workshops and gatherings, has brought his decades of BDSM experience to this comprehensive manual. From its advice on "Stalking the Wild Submissive" to its extensive Resource... More >>

Smart Girl‘s Guide to the G-Spot

Smart Girl‘s Guide to the G-Spot $14.95

Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot
by Violet Blue

From the back cover:

With with and panache, sex educator and best-selling writer Violet Blue breaks down the essential elements of great G-spot play —and tells you exactly how to... More >>

Magazines & Comics

Transformation Magazine #92

Transformation Magazine #92 $12.50

In this issue:

• Joan Rivers: Toasted and Roasted

• Interviews with Gia Darling, Eva Cassini and Tasha Jones

• Art of Centurian Spread

• Nightclub Listings, Reader of the Month

• And more!

Soft Cover,... More >>

Domination Directory International #79

Domination Directory International #79 $19.99

This issue features an in depth look at the world of Japan's SM bars, plenty of news and pictures from DomCon, book and movie reviews, and of course, the world's best Pro Dommes.

Domination Directory International magazine has enjoyed a well-established presence on the Internet since... More >>

Transformation Magazine Issue #91

Transformation Magazine Issue #91 $12.50

In this issue:

• Interview with the Super Sexy Kelli Lox

• Interview with Evie Eliot

• Art of Centurian Spread

• Nightclub Listings, The Incredible Life of Jeri Lee

• And more!

Soft Cover, 8in x 10.875in,... More >>

Skin Two Magazine

Skin Two Magazine $25.00

If you are unfamiliar with this magazine, it is known for its impeccable coverage of the Fetish and S/M scenes all over the world. The name is a reference to fetish clothing as a "second skin". It is filled with beautiful photographs and articles on all things bondage and fetish modeled by the... More >>

Transformation Magazine #90

Transformation Magazine #90 $12.50

98 pages of glossy trans-action!

In this issue:

 • 2nd Annual Sexy Swim Issue!

 • Interview with Venus Lux

 • Tranny Awards and TA After Party

 • Photographer Profile: Atomic... More >>

Instigator Issue 25

Instigator Issue 25 $12.95

Issue 25 celebrates the 10th Anniversary of this award-winning, cutting-edge KINK publication!

Jam packed with fresh, extremely HOT content (as well as a stylistic 'inside look' at some of the most notorious photo shoots of the past decade!) Instigator is a MUST for those who like... More >>

Transformation Magazine #89

Transformation Magazine #89 $12.50

98 pages of glossy trans-action!

In this issue:

 • The Incredible Life of Jeri Lee

 • RuPaul's Drag Race 6

 • Megan Ortiz photo spread

 • Club Shine 2014 New Year's Eve Masquerade... More >>

Domination Directory International #78

Domination Directory International #78 $19.99

The newest issue of DDI offers its usual up-to-date listings for Dominas and dungeons around the world. This issue includes current news, a special 30th anniversary editorial review of the BDSM scene through the years, and biographical... More >>

Marquis Magazine Issue 59

Marquis Magazine Issue 59 $19.95

Nina de Lianin

Fetish Fashion
Anatomic Latex
House of Harlot

Fetish Art
Rubber Matt
Brian Gibbs

Also features party reviews, up and coming fetish models, a hot fetish story, and much... More >>

Marquis Magazine Issue 58

Marquis Magazine Issue 58 $19.95

Sister Sinister

Lara Aimée
Nicole Banshee
Helene Atsuko

Fetish Fashion
Bibian Blue
Am Statik
Boudoir Bizarre

Fetish Art
Serge Birault
Barbara... More >>

Transformation Magazine Issue #88

Transformation Magazine Issue #88 $12.50

Over 100 pages of glossy trans-action!

In this issue:

 • Feature interview with Tyra Scott

 • Shemale Strokers Model of the Year

 • Viva Las Tranny Strip

 • Behind the scenes of Grooby... More >>

Transformation Magazine Issue #87

Transformation Magazine Issue #87 $12.50

Over 100 pages of glossy trans-action!

In this issue:

 •Feature interview with Lady Bunny

 •Peanuts Returns! Notorious Tgirl club makes a comeback

 •Goddess Cheyenne is keeping classic domination alive &... More >>

Von Gutenberg Issue 8

Von Gutenberg Issue 8 $9.95

The 8th installment of Von Gutenberg Magazine keeps you abreast of all the latest in latex fetish fashion and lifestyle.

Full of the top names in latex fashion, models, and photographers, the latest issue of this rubber fetishist's wet dream is a can't miss!
More >>

Domination Directory International #77

Domination Directory International #77 $19.99

The Fall 2013 issue of DDI provides up-to-date listings of professional Dominas and dungeons, broken down by geographical area, and interspersed with informative articles on the history of the Dominatrix, reports from fetish balls, and the latest list of dungeon... More >>

Transformation Magazine Issue #86

Transformation Magazine Issue #86 $12.50

Issue 86 of Transformation Magazine contains over 100 pages of high gloss, gorgeous layouts sure to please fans of everything trans!

This issue features:

 • Book Review: Boulevard Girls

 • Interview & pictorial with Sonique LoveMore >>

Transformation Magazine Issue #85

Transformation Magazine Issue #85 $12.50

Transformation is a glossy, full color and beautifully presented 114 magazine with stories, photos, reader letters, toys and fashion and more for transexuals, gender-benders and trans-enthusiasts!

Included in this issue:

-The incredible life of Jeri Lee

-All... More >>

Instigator Magazine #24

Instigator Magazine #24 $12.95

Jammed packed with all the hot men, filthy fetishes, hilarious tales and high-quality artwork you crave, it’s easy to see why Instigator Magazine is one of our favorite rags for men who like it dirty…and we mean really, really dirty.

Full color, glossy and glorious, you will quickly... More >>

Instigator Magazine #23

Instigator Magazine #23 $12.95

We try not to play favorites here at The Stockroom, but, oh, Instigator, you make it so hard!

Wedged tight somewhere between the filthiest thing you've ever seen and the pinnacle of aesthetic expression is this glorious, glossy, and gay quarterly rag for men who like it really, really... More >>

Instigator Magazine #22

Instigator Magazine #22 $12.95

Smart, funny, raunchy, full of hot guys and rough play, what's not to love about Instigator? The latest issue features more of the usual high quality photo shoots, articles, interviews, and artwork that we've come to know and love. If you like it filthy - and we know you do! - check out the latest... More >>

Stockroom Catalog 2012

Stockroom Catalog 2012 $3.00

The Stockroom celebrates its 23rd birthday in 2012! To mark this occasion, we’ve produced our most extensive and provocative catalog to date! This highly anticipated new edition features one of our most delectably popular images of Dutch Playboy model Ancilla Tilia on the front cover and 71 pages... More >>

Heavy Rubber 33

Heavy Rubber 33 $24.95

In this issue of Heavy Rubber:

Cover girl Luna Eve wears Am Statik

Rubber beauties Honeyhair and Mary Jale photo spreads

Rubber photography by Blackhunter, Jacco Breedveld, and Luke Lenz

Fetish art, stories, and more!

132 glossy,... More >>