The Master‘s Manual (Rinella) (A440)


The Master‘s Manual (Rinella)
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The idea of erotically dominating a partner appeals to many people. Unfortunately, there have been few resources from which to learn how to do this in a safe, fun, and responsible way. The Master's Manual examines various aspects of erotic dominance including SM, safety, sex, erotic power, techniques, and more.

Even if your primary interest is erotic submission rather than dominance, this book will give you insights that will help lead you to a more fulfilling sexuality. The author, Jack Rinella, speaks in a clear, frank, and nonjudgemental way to anyone with an interest in the erotic Dominant/submissive dynamic.

A Daedalus Publishing title.

Jack Rinella is a freelance writer and columnist for several regional and national publications. He brings over 17 years of life experience to this subject. He currently lives in Chicago.

Non-fiction; 5½" by 8½"; 200 pages.

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