Faux Fur Fox Tail w/ Glass Butt Plug (E862)

Faux Fur Fox Tail w/ Glass Butt Plug

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Made from high quality synthetic fur, this faux fur tail from Crystal Delights offers the same animal role play possibilities as our geniune fox fur tail butt plugs, without being cruel to any living thing...except maybe your sub.

Crafted from borosilicate glass with a high temperature tolerance and extremely fracture-resistant, this plug is small and comfortable to insert, and easy to clean and care for.

Recreate a classic British fox hunt without drawing the ire of protesters, or turn your bedroom into the ultimate sexual wilderness, where pure animal desire reigns supreme.

Product Details:

 • Phthalate-free

 • Plug length 3.4in/8.6cm

 • Insertable length 2.8in/7.1cm

 • Diameter 1.3in/3.3cm

 • Circumference 4.1in/10.4cm

 • Tail length 18in/45.7cm

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Use antimicrobial soap and warm water to clean plug. Spot clean tail portion with cleaning solution and a rag by dabbing the affected area rather than stroking or pulling hairs in the tail. Hang to dry. Do not dry near high heat sources or use a hair dryer to speed the process. Store in a cool, dry place.

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