Loophole Ball Stretcher (E229A)

Loophole Ball Stretcher

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There's nothing quite like the sensual feeling of smooth metal against your warm skin and this ball stretcher designed with simple elegance is sure to heat things up while weighing you down.

This device screws tightly closed to create a solid grip against your balls, with a pleasurable heaviness perfect for everything from gradual stretching to erotic CBT.

Available in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect size for your manhood.

Product Details:

  • Requires allen wrench (included)

Size Options:

Size A: E229A
Inner Diameter: 1.2in (3cm)
Weight: 7.68 oz

Size B: E229B
Inner Diameter: 1.3in (3.3cm)
Weight: 8 oz

Size C: E229C
Inner Diameter: 1.4in (3.5cm)
Weight: 8.3 oz

Size D: E229D
Inner Diameter: 1.5in (3.8cm)
Weight: 8.64 oz

Size E: E229E
Inner Diameter: 1.6in (4cm)
Weight: 8.96 oz

Also available as a cock ring

Safety, Care and Usage:

The Loophole Ball Stretcher is very easy to clean using just antibacterial soap and warm water. Make sure to clean this toy before and after every use.

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