Pink and Black Leather Restraints Set (J513)

Pink and Black Leather Restraints Set

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There's no two ways about it: Our Pink and Black Leather Restraints Set is an eye-catching ensemble, and the perfect combination of fetish and fashion.

This five piece kit comes with our high quality leather wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as the tall locking posture collar at 20% off when purchased as a set! These attractive pieces are made of solid pink leather with black trim that provides a thick outline for every cuff and collar, framing the instruments of your bondage in stunning relief! Each piece has a ring for attaching a leash, chain, or clasp to, as well as a lockable buckle for added restriction and security.

Product Details:

Tall Posture Collar:

 • Small - Fits 13.5in to 15.5in neck circumference

 • Medium - Fits 14.5in to 16.5in neck circumference

 • Large - Fits 17.5in to 19.5in neck circumference

Wrist Cuffs (One Size):

 • Width 2.1 inches

 • Fits wrists 5.5in to 8.5in circumference

Ankle Cuffs (One Size):

 • Width 2.25in

 • Fits ankles 6in to 12in circumference

Made in USA by The Stockroom

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