Shower Sex Double Grip (D528)

Shower Sex Double Grip

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The Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle is made to provide instant hand holds in the shower or bath for kinky steamy fun. Just position the handle where you need it, grab on tight, and enjoy yourself without worrying about slips or spills in slippery situations. This device takes the risk out of trying new exciting sex positions in the shower while providing secure stability for standing missionary, standing doggy style, standing oral sex, and anything you can imagine.

The Shower Sex Handlebar features two locking industrial strength suction cups with a high quality plastic handle in between for added leverage and structure. It is fully portable and can be used on most any smooth surface such as windows, glass, counters, or tile at least 4”wide. Place the handle where you desire and press down the flip levers; this activates a vacuum seal and provides instant security and leverage to your shower sex routine.

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  • Available in White

Safety, Care & Usage
Pthalate free, hypoallergenic, clean with soap and water.

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