PVC Female Slave Harness (R086)

PVC Female Slave Harness

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This gorgeous heavy-duty PVC Slave Harness is designed for female bodies.

This harness has 3 horizontal straps, one around the neck, one below the breasts, and one around the hips, held together by two vertical straps - one in front and one in the back. There are nine buckles, all in the back except for one to adjust the front vertical strap, for good adjustability.

Four D-rings are attached, 2 on the hips, and one in front and one on the back of the collar for bondage possibilities. There is a g-string type chain attached at the hip straps. Each strap will be adjustable by several inches.

Small/Medium Large/Xlarge
Neck width 10" - 15" 10 1/2" - 16"
Ribs width 27" - 33" 28" - 34"
Waist width 31" - 39" 37" - 45"
Front length 17" - 24" 18 1/2 - 25"
Front length (with chain) 24" - 30" 27" - 33"
Made In the USA

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