Liquid Latex (B695)

Liquid Latex
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Dip, splash, or brush it on. The latex dries in a few minutes. Latex that you put on your skin can be peeled off later. An enjoyable, tactile and creative experience for people into latex.

NOTE: People with an allergy or sensitivity to latex should obviously not use this product. Note that Latex adheres permanently to fabrics. It's also a good idea to shave any body hair before applying Liquid Latex.

In order to make full body suits, it will be necessary to use a finishing product. This is done because the latex will first be tacky and a finishing product will prevent the latex from sticking to itself, causing it to tear and separate from the skin. We recommend using Black Beauty Latex Polish or other water/silicone-based polish (petroleum-based polishes will ruin latex)

Made in the USA

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