Impression Paddle- OUCH (B911)

Impression Paddle- OUCH

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“Sticks and stones may break bones, but names will never hurt you."

Unless OUCH is spanked into your bottom with the impression paddle. The “Ouch Paddle” is a delightful word imprint paddle that gives a great spanking. This leather paddle has a deliciously stinging bite, and is very expressive.

The total length is approximately 12½", including the handle, and it is 2½" at its widest point. The slapping leather layer has the word OUCH cut out of it. When you slap it onto the bare body, it makes a rosy impression of that word right on the skin.

The impression paddle is made from high-quality Latigo leather with a rigid yet flexible skeleton. There is a loop of nylon cord attached to the end for hanging. For a spanking good paddle that leaves you with a reminder, get an “Ouch Paddle”.


ALSO AVAILABLE: The PIG Paddle! (C539)

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