Violet Blue's Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples Breaks New Ground

Violet Blue, a wildly popular sex writer, podcaster, blogger, editor, and female porn expert, has just debuted her 13th book, Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples. This book is the first to directly address couples as it teaches them about fetish sex and how to introduce fetishes to a partner.

Fetish Sex includes chapters such as "What is a Fetish?" as well as chapters about Roleplaying, Fetish Dressing, Human Animal Play, Cross Dressing, and Fetish Resources. At the end of each chapter is an erotic story by celebrated author, anthologist & Eros Zine editor Thomas Roche (Noirotica 1 - 3, Brothers of Night, Sons of Darkness, Dark Matter, Pulp Friction...)

Violet Blue is the editor of six erotic anthologies and the author of five sex ed books, two of which have been best-selling sex advice books since their release and have been translated into French, Spanish and Russian. She is the Assistant Editor at and San Francisco Chronicle sex columnist by day, and a human blog by night.

She has been interviewed, featured, and quoted as an expert by more magazine, web, television, and radio outlets than can be listed here, including The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, NPR, CNN, Wired, Esquire and Web MD; for more information visit her website or listen to her podcast, Open Source Sex.

Fetish Sex is published by's own publishing company, Daedalus Publishing and is available for purchase at both and

About Daedalus Publishing:
Daedalus Publishing Company was started in 1992 by Race Bannon, author of the popular SM "how-to" book Learning the Ropes. Since then, Daedalus has made quite a name for itself by continuing to put out some of the best and most well respected non-fiction books in the kink publishing world. In 2001, Daedalus changed hands and moved down to Los Angeles, were it resides presently. Since that time, Daedalus has published 5 very successful books, including its first fiction book, Carried Away by david stein, and a recent re-print of Geoff Mains' leather classic, Urban Aboriginals. Daedalus is dedicated to continuing to publish cutting edge books on the subject of leathersex and other alternative sexual practices.

About Violet Blue:
Violet Blue is an author, editor, robot mechanic, female porn expert, and professional pro-porn pundit. Violet has been a published sex columnist and trained professional sex educator since 1998, a member of Survival Research Laboratories since 1996, and she frequently lectures to students about human sexuality in UC's and community teaching institutions. Her influences are J.G. Ballard, David Sedaris, John Waters, Emir Kusturica, Mark Pauline, A.M. Holmes, Patrick Califia and Patty Hearst.

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