As Seen In...

Look Familiar? Ring a Bell? We wouldn't be surprised.

The Stockroom's products and personalities have been seen, heard, and talked about all over town. Here's a few of the places you might have learned about us:

Pussycat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger in Syren

pussycat dolls nicole scherzinger

Pussycat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger graces the November/December cover of Complex Magazine in Syren latex! She says "coming from Kentucky, we're simple, so we wear kinda granny-looking, cute little flowery lacy things, you know? But occasionally I like to wear, not trashy things, but very...things that I think are, um, complimentary in bed..."

Chrisina Aguilera

christina aquilera christina aquilera christina aquilera

Pop icon Christina Aguilera sported Stockroom's single tail whip blinged-with-rhinestones as part of her Ringmaster outfit for a Hollywood costume party last weekend.



 • Playboy
 • Playgirl
 • Hustler's Taboo
 • AVN Magazine
 • Instigator
 • LA Weekly
 • CityBeat
 • Unzipped
 • On Our Backs
 • Music Connection Magazine
 • Sports Illustrated
 • Xbiz

Joel Tucker


 • O: The Power of Submission
 • The Fashionistas 2 by John Stagliano
 • Men In Black
 • Mr & Mrs Smith
 • Batman Returns
 • Batman & Robin
 • The Girl Next Door
 • Gwen Media Bondage Videos
 • The Three Trials


 • Howard Stern
 • KROQ's Love Line
 • KLOS - Mark & Brian
 • KSEX Radio


 • CBS - Rockstar Supernova
 • CBS - CSI: Miami
 • QTV's "Queer Edge" w/ Sandra Bernhard
 • Noah's Arc
 • VH1's "so noTORIous"
 • Court TV's "Catherine Crier Live"


 • Erotic Museum Hollywood
 • Palm Springs White Party
 • Miss Kitty's Parlor