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  Featured Ball Gags

Bare Bondage Ball Gag

Bare Bondage Ball Gag $20.00

Even kinksters can grow tired of basic black, and that’s why Bare Bondage has brought you a beautiful new take on the classic ball gag. This transparent vinyl ball gag will give you the sweet silence you’ve been craving from your submissive. The fully adjustable nickel-free hardware and unisex... More >>

Premium Garment Leather Silicone Ball Gag

Premium Garment Leather Silicone Ball Gag  $36.00 - $38.00

You deserve respect. They deserve proper care. Our luxurious Premium Garment Leather Silicone Ball Gag will bring you all of the respect that you deserve from appreciative submissives being bound in the finest materials.

We’ve selected the most supple black garment leather for the... More >>

  Featured Bit Gags

Silicone Bit Gag

Silicone Bit Gag $32.00

Don’t you hate it when your submissive gets too chatty? Punish them into silence with these gorgeous bit gags, available in many colors (both complementary and contrasting straps and bits). Made of high-quality, soft silicone, the bit gag will fit easily between your partner's teeth; when you're... More >>

Joanna Angel Silicone Bit Gag

Joanna Angel Silicone Bit Gag $35.00

More friendly to sensitive teeth and smaller mouths than a traditional rubber or silicone ball gag, the Joanna Angel Silicone Bit Gag doesn't sacrifice comfort when enforcing silence and compliance.

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Line, this silicone bit gag is designed and... More >>

  Featured Open Mouth

The Spider Gag

The Spider Gag $30.00 - $44.95

The Spider Gag is an innovative new metal open mouth gag. The gag has an O shaped ring in the center, and handle shaped “spider legs” on each side of the ring, hence the name - Spider Gag. The legs operate to further restrain and keep the ring inside the mouth. High quality black leather straps... More >>

O-Ring Gag

O-Ring Gag $32.00

This is a simple ring gag, consisting of a metal O-Ring wrapped in thin leather, attached to cinch straps that pull the ring tightly into the mouth, keeping it open.

The straps can be adjusted as desired, and are secured by looping one of the straps through two D-rings.

Please... More >>

  Featured Penis Gags

Silicone Penis Gag

Silicone Penis Gag $49.00

Silicone is a safe soft material, ideal for sex toys and appropriate for insertion in the mouth. The high grade silicone is odorless and tasteless. The outer mouth piece is contoured to fit comfortably.

The black penis dildo measures 2" in length and 1½"... More >>

In and Out Penis Gag w/ Removable Dildo

In and Out Penis Gag w/ Removable Dildo $52.00

If you’re into gag play, this is the perfect way to crank it up a step a step--make that two! Made of black leather, the In and Out Gag is easily washable and can be used with water-based lubricant.

The gag comes with a removable, double-headed dildo that fits easily through the metal ring... More >>

  Featured Inflatable Gags

Inflatable Butterfly Gag

Inflatable Butterfly Gag $48.50

Butterfly gags are known as the "ultimate silencer" due to the fact that they fill the mouth completely. This is done by placing the wide points between the teeth and cheeks, while the middle portion is pushed into the back of the mouth. Once inserted, inflate to your sadistic heart's desire. Gone... More >>

Inflatable Penis Gag

Inflatable Penis Gag $34.00

If you've had problems finding perfectly-sized gags, inflatables can be the way to go.

This heavy-gauge rubber gag has a 2" (5.1cm) penis-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 3" (7.5 cm) in diameter. Air and pressure are... More >>

  Featured Muzzles

K9 Muzzle w/ Removable Silicone Ball Gag

K9 Muzzle w/ Removable Silicone Ball Gag $199.00

Designed and created in our Los Angeles workshop, this puppy play accessory is made for those who want to experience animal roleplay outside the restrictive confines of our puppy hoods, this muzzle allows for more facial expression by the wearer, while the removable leather strap and silicone ball... More >>

Leather Head Harness with Muzzle

Leather Head Harness with Muzzle $89.00

This leather harness is held securely in place by 4 straps, 3 chrome buckles, and a collar. It is solidly constructed with 29 chrome rivets and reinforcements.

Also available in More >>

  Featured Hoods with Gags

Dog Face Hood with Blindfold

Dog Face Hood with Blindfold $348.00 | SALE: $278.40

This handmade piece is a heavy-duty leather bondage/slave hood with the usual snap-on mouth-filling gag and removable blindfold, but it can also convert into an impressive Dog Face Hood. It makes for flexible transitions from a... More >>

Premium Leather Hoods w/ Blindfold and Gag

Premium Leather Hoods w/ Blindfold and Gag $195.00 - $199.00

This new, high-end leather hood is a Stockroom original design that we're quite proud of. It is well-made from quality black leather with careful attention to shaping for an excellent fit.

The hood can be used with or without the blindfold and gag, which attach using snaps. The... More >>

  Featured Versatile Gags

Oxballs Urinal Piss Gag

Oxballs Urinal Piss Gag $36.00 - $196.00

The Urinal Piss Gag from OxBalls is an innovative new BDSM sex toy that will bring joy and new adventures to even the most seasoned water sports and golden shower enthusiasts. Made from soft flexible black platinum cure silicone and top quality neoprene, this gag will transform the face and mouth... More >>

The Half Moon Bit Gag

The Half Moon Bit Gag $150.00

This stylish and comfortable gag is designed to be worn for extended periods of time. The half moon shaped mouth bit provides a firm and bitable surface. The inside of the face gag is lined with wet suit grade neoprene that is soft and easy to clean. The strong leather neck strap features a... More >>