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  Featured Leather Cuffs

Joanna Angel Ankle Restraints

Joanna Angel Ankle Restraints $79.00

Sturdy and stunning, these leather ankle cuffs are guaranteed to make you stand out, even if you can't stand up because you're hogtied.

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Line, these leather ankle restraints are designed and assembled in The Stockroom's Los Angeles workshop, and... More >>

Joanna Angel Wrist Restraints

Joanna Angel Wrist Restraints $79.00

These functional and fashionable wrist cuffs are sure to keep you looking stylish even when you're all locked up!

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Collection, these leather wrist cuffs are designed and assembled in The Stockroom's Los Angeles workshop, and come in a specially... More >>

  Featured Specialty Cuffs and Kits

Peerless Punishment Package

Peerless Punishment Package $500.00

Some seek the greatest heights, find the boundries of all maps, and still wonder, "Is there not more?" To these intrepid souls we answer: "Yes, and it is here."

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we proudly present the Peerless Punishment Package, a superlative set of top... More >>

Hanky Spanky Gift Set

Hanky Spanky Gift Set $200.00

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we've created premium specialty kits for particular tastes. If you have a hankering for some spanking, this gift set is sure to grab your attention.

The Hanky Spanky gift set includes several serious impact and sensation toys packed into a... More >>

  Featured Handcuffs & Legcuffs

Sex and Metal Basket Case Cuffs

Sex and Metal Basket Case Cuffs $96.00

Slaves and subs take note: Sex and Metal are ready to keep you immobilized and out of trouble with their new Basket Case Cuffs.

Other restraints may give some freedom of movement to the hands, but this single raw steel unit ensures that they won't go anywhere that you don't want... More >>

Steel Band Wrist Cuffs

Steel Band Wrist Cuffs $55.00

With the wrists of your partner locked in these steel-band cuffs, you’ll find there’s no end to the kinky possibilities!

Constructed of sturdy yet flexible stainless steel seated in a soft, comfortable black rubber backing, and secured together by a steel link chain and miniature... More >>

  Featured Leather Collars

Alpha Dog Collar with Spikes

Alpha Dog Collar with Spikes  $65.00

Show the rest of the pack who’s in charge with our Alpha Dog Collar with Spikes. 3 rows of spiked studs encompass this wide leather collar, warning anyone who comes near that the wearer is not to be messed with. A lockable buckle in the back gives Master the option to ensure this, and a supremely... More >>

Leather Collar with Spikes

Leather Collar with Spikes $32.00

Looking for a spiked collar that’s more serious than pyramid studs but without the piercing dangers of a wolf collar? Our very own Leather Collar with Spikes features a row of spiked studs for an updated style that will enhance the mood of your play as perfectly as completing your outfit for a... More >>

  Featured Posture Collars

Joanna Angel Posture Collar

Joanna Angel Posture Collar $59.00

Head back. Chin up. Even the slouchiest sub is sure to sit up straight in this pretty posture collar.

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Line, this leather posture collar is designed and assembled in The Stockroom's Los Angeles workshop, and comes in a specially selected color... More >>

Deluxe Padded Medical Posture Collar

Deluxe Padded Medical Posture Collar $99.00

The deluxe medical padded posture collar has a few features that make it particularly enticing. We have added foam padding and an interior lining of red glove weight leather to make sure this is the most comfortable neck brace you'll ever wear. In addition, we've included a chinrest to hold the jaw... More >>

  Featured Steel/Rubber Collars

Five Piece Steel Band Bondage Set

Five Piece Steel Band Bondage Set $183.00

Secure your most valuable plaything using this 5-piece steel band bondage set from Rapture Novelties!

Available in Small or Large, it features several options to customize the dimensions of its collar, wrist cuffs and ankle shackles. These extremely versatile pieces of equipment,... More >>

Steel Wire Slave Collar

Steel Wire Slave Collar $35.00

Whether for fetish fantasy or just fancy embellishment, you're bound to look naughty when wearing the Steel Wire Slave Collar.

Those who punish and are in need of punishing alike will appreciate the unforgiving metal look of this edgy yet perfectly discreet collar. Made of steel... More >>