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Without further adieu, and Lita Ford are proud to announce the winners of the Wicked Wonderland Fantasy Fiction Essay Contest! After sifting through countless entries and hand-selecting the winners listed below, Lita stated: "It was a lot of fun reading the entries for the contest. My thanks to everyone that entered. We hated having to ‘judge’ them because they all kicked ass. Until next time - love the one you're with!"

win a lita ford guitar

Grand Prize Winner: Fullshred

Prize: Autographed Lita Ford Signature Warlock Guitar,
& a copy of Wicked Wonderland cd
Fantasy Fiction Essay:

"Her Special Day"

There's nothing extraordinary about the guests arriving at the banquet hall this Friday night. All of the invited guests are formally dressed, the wedding party in their matching tuxedos and gowns. The hall's management is ready to impress; the staff ready to serve. The night is unremarkable as the four course meal is presented and the champagne flows. The young and very attractive newlyweds dance and celebrate the night away with their friends and family. The DJ and Maitre' D' make sure the night goes off without a hitch.

To keep with tradition by request of the seemingly conservative bride, it comes time to finally toss the garter and to catch her bouquet. The bride, now seated alone in the middle of the empty dance floor, invites the groom to crawl on his knees to her like a good little boy. As the guests look on, cameras in hand, he reaches in only to slide off her little conservative nylon garter....or so he thinks.

To his surprise, his bulging eyes spy a Latex Courtney Garter on his devastatingly beautiful bride's leg! He starts to sweat as he tries to remove it, but now he's becoming engorged, as his heart begins to pound. He hesitatingly reaches further, inch by inch, up her skirt. He fears retribution and embarrassment....but he can't help himself. But now he notices she's also wearing a ruffled leather La Femme Strap On with a huge Vac-U-Lock Realistic King Size Cock! "What exactly did I marry today!?" he yells out.

win a lita ford guitar She whispers back, while looking into his eyes: "" with a wry, deviant smile. She stands up, pushes him away, and walks over to the large table covered with gifts from her guests. She starts to rip pieces by hand off her "cookie-cutter" wedding gown to expose her sexy, athletic body. Now donning her favorite Chrome Masquerade Mask and matching Chrome Gauntlets, she stands with her guests looking on behind her. Her focused eyes sparkle as she looks across at the top of gift table – confident that all of her humble requests were fulfilled. She only registered at so she would ensure herself a long and blissful marriage, but she can’t wait to get home to open all the boxes and start breaking all of her new toys in...and her husband!

"Let's start with this heavy box," she says as she walks back to her 4-Point Sling Stand on the dance floor (courtesy of her own mother) replacing her simple chair in the middle of the dance floor. Now surrounded by all of their wedding guests and the entire staff of the banquet hall – who all jockey for a bird's eye view – she pushes her envious brother-in-law aside and rips the clothes off her new husband. She begins to feverishly restrain him with more extravagant "gifts" to celebrate their new union. He's now held captive by Firecracker Wrist & Ankle Restraints and a Locking SS/Leather Collar in the middle of the dance floor; now the center of their world. She lubes up her huge Fun Factory Tiger Dildo with a generous pour of Spike Ultimate Anal Lubricant, and with a lady-like spit to her new gleaming Chrome-Egg, she spreads his cheeks open, shoving it in until it disappears deep in his ass. The crowd "golf-claps" with approval. She says, "When you said "You do" earlier today....did ya mean it baby??"

"Yes," as he inhales deeply.

She says "But, I gotta bring it home baby!" as she starts to slide her huge cock into his ass, pushing the egg in even deeper. The wedding party and guests are now forming a tight circle around the two. "That's my boy!" shouts her new Mother-In-Law, the father nodding with approval. "It's about time he found a good, decent woman. I'm so proud of him!" she says.

They continue to dance their first dance as husband and wife; their public display of affection shared like any normal newlyweds. She tells everyone to grab a "gift" from the table, open them up and help break everything in. "Why wait!?" the smiling, pumping, busty bride proclaims as the sweat runs down her new black Custom Body Harness and his new Spandex Hood with Blindfold and Mouth Hole. Now surrounded by warm flesh, latex, leather and metal, she states: "We're all family now!" as she cracks her 6 Foot Silicone Core Bullwhip in the air...

"Cake anyone?"

1 Second Place Winner: Troy Neff

Prize: (1) Bondage 101 Kit & a copy of the Wicked Wonderland cd

10 Third Place Winners:

Prize: (1)KinkLab Jawbreaker Ballgag

1. Amy Arrabito
2. Neicee Spyvee
3. Adrianna Nicole
4. J. Connor
5. Ray Michaels
6. Darq Desire
7. Alea Pierce
8. Jeremy Steele
9. Juliana Marie
10. Robin Carpenter
win a lita ford guitar

All winners have until Friday, January 1 to claim their prizes. In the event that the original Grand Prize, Second Place and/or Third Place Winners do not meet Official Rules or eligibility requirements, he/she forfeits the Grand Prize, and The Stockroom will award prize to next alternate. Process will continue until all prizes awarded. All prizes are non-transferable. There may be no cash or other substitutions of prizes by winner. Prizes will not be released until The Stockroom receives all required documents.