Xtra Thin Dental Dams - 8" x 6", 30-Pack (A287)

Xtra Thin Dental Dams - 8" x 6",  30-Pack

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Please help yourself to our Xtra Thin, .003" thick, dental grade dams. Dental dams are sheets of latex used in oral surgery to prevent germ transmission. In sexual contexts, many people use them as an effective barrier during cunnilingus or rimming to prevent the sharing of bodily fluids.

These soft lavender colored dams measure in at 8" by 6" and are individually wrapped. When using them, it is recommended that latex compatible lubricant be applied to your partner and/or one side of the latex dam in order to increase sensation.

For a more secure, hands-free dental dam experience, try our Dental Dam Harness. The dam shown in the photo to the left is secured in the Dental Dam Harness, sold separately.