Woven Handle Cat O Nine Tails (QU01578)

Woven Handle Cat O Nine Tails

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The Woven Handle Cat o’ Nine Tails is a unique braided cat o’ nine (sometimes called cat of nine) tails whip with a punishing bite. Each cone-shaped, slim tail is braided from 4 strips of high quality thin, slightly rigid but still pliant leather, ending in a 3 cm. wide flat paddle. These tiny leather paddles add a pleasing slap and a stinging sensation to each blow. However, because the leather is smooth and soft, and because there are no knots at the end of the tails, a hit from the Woven Handle Cat O’ Nine Tails whip won’t cause lacerations or bruising.

The long, decorative black and white woven handle of the Woven Handle Cat O’ Nine Tails whip provides balance with the weight of the tails, making it easier to confine a hit to a small area. The tails follow the trajectory of the grip, so that a blow from this whip is very precise. Because its overall light weight and excellent construction makes it easy to handle, this whip is appropriate for those with less experience, as well as seasoned handlers who are looking for a stylish cat o’ nine tails whip to add to their collection.

A blow from a braided flogger is unique in that each tail spreads out to strike at the same time, making for more contact with your target. The lower overall weight of the Woven Handle Cat O’ Nine Tails whip results in a hit that affects mainly the top layer of skin and the uppermost layer of muscle underneath. This whip has a somewhat light touch – more of a stinging and lacerating strike verses a hard and heavy flogging feeling.

 •30.25in/76.8cm in Total Length
 •20in/50.8cm Tails
 •10.25in/26cm Handle
 •3in/7.6cm Fall
 •7.5in/19.1cm Wrist Loop
 •Weighs approximately 6.4 oz.

Safety and Usage

Whips should only be handled by an experienced handler. You will hit yourself on the head, arms and back while practicing, please seek out a professional for training so you don’t do any permanent damage to yourself or loved ones. If you are going to practice on your own, use proper safety gear; goggles, wide brim hat and a scarf or other neck protector. Those who practice flagellation should start with a soft flogger to warm up the skin and muscles. Paper targets are best to start with.

To keep your whip in shape and ensure that it has a long life, take care of it. The worst thing you can do is to get it dirty and wet. Both dirt and water will damage the whip and ruin it quickly. On the other hand, not all leather oils are good for your whips; they are designed to soften leather and keep it moist -- which is not a good idea, as we’ve already pointed out. If you want to break in your whip, just use it.

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