Women‘s Leather Thong (J268)

Women‘s Leather Thong


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This hand-tailored thong is made from a very soft, high-quality, garment leather. The ½" wide elastic hip-bands allow for a snug and comfortable fit.

The hip bands are attached to a sexy leather thong back.

Small (Size 4-6)- J268
Medium (Size 8-10) - J269
Large (Size 12-14) - J270
X-Large (Size 16-18) - J271
XX-Large (Size 20-22) - J272

Small (Size 4-6)- J268RS
Medium (Size 8-10)- J269RM
Large (Size 12-14)- J270RL
X-Large (Size 16-18)- J271RXL
XX-Large (Size 20-22)- J272RXXL

Made In the USA

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