Splash-Proof Vibrators

Alice by SVAKOM

Alice by SVAKOM $182.80

We didn’t produce this rabbit from a hat, but it’s definitely magical. Alice is entirely waterproof, making it a peaceful companion in the bathtub or a partner in crime in the swimming pool.

This discreet vibrator includes dual motors and shares eight modes of speed and pulsation between... More >>

Iroha Mini

Iroha Mini $25.00

Do you love some bright color with your playtime? The Iroha Mini is for you. Its playful colors and elegant curves give it a simple beauty that makes it as pleasing to the eyes as to the body. Compact enough to nestle in the palm of your hand, the Mini is a perfect travel companion for those who... More >>

Minna Limon Vibrator

Minna Limon Vibrator $158.00

Ever squeeze your partner when they’re making all of the right moves to say you want more? Imagine using that simple, instinctive squeeze to control the intensity of your vibrator, and then being able to that same pleasurable vibration pattern to use again and again for tried and true future fun?... More >>

Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer

Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer $158.00

Curious about kegels? Wonder if they’re working? The revolutionary Minna kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser takes the thought out of them so you can get started with no excuses! Pair the kGoal with your smartphone (IOS or Android) via an optional free app to guide you through a real-time training... More >>

Beau Vibrator

Beau Vibrator $36.00

Looking for a new beau to truly satisfy you? The Beau Vibrator from Blush Novelties may be your perfect match! The brilliance of the Beau is in its simplicity; it doesn’t try to be too fancy, just a great, basic vibrator shaped for generous g-spot stimulation with twin-vibrating points for... More >>

Charms Curve Vibrator

Charms Curve Vibrator $39.99

A versatile vibrator that’s small enough to fit in your pocket with an impeccably angled tip to tickle your targets. The Key Charms Petite Massager Curve by Jopen will perfectly pleasure wherever you point it, for arousing nipple thrills, satisfying g-spot or clitoral stimulation, or even an... More >>

Entice Vivien

Entice Vivien  $99.00

Turn up the heat - literally! The Entice Vivien silicone rabbit vibrator gives more than vibrations, its shaft also heats up to a warm 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). While silicone naturally warms to your body temperature, this extra few degrees makes it even more intense.

Its shaft... More >>

Love Rider Wireless Pleaser

Love Rider Wireless Pleaser  $65.00

The Love Rider Wireless Pleaser was named this for a reason - with dual motors to simultaneously stimulate your g-spot and clitoris, this rabbit-shaped vibrator was designed to please.

With ample thickness to fill you and a shorter length to hit right where you want it, the Love... More >>

Love Rider Wireless G

Love Rider Wireless G  $59.95

The Rechargeable Love Rider Wireless G speaks for itself - whether you use it by itself or with a strap on harness, this smooth silicone g-spot vibrator will hit the magic mark, massaging with your choice of 7 different vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions for complete ecstasy. With a... More >>

Love Rider Wireless Curve

Love Rider Wireless Curve $59.95

The Love Rider Wireless Curve vibrator is the perfect size and shape for satisfying penetration and gratifying g-spot stimulation. Its powerful motor features 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, transferring the pleasing sensations along the length of the shaft through to... More >>

Mika Vibrator

Mika Vibrator  $99.00

Let your g-spot groove to your favorite tunes or let your lover’s voice lull you to ecstasy with the amazing Mika vibrator by Nobu Toys. Featuring an exclusive “sound response system,” this innovative vibe will increase vibrations with the presence of sound. Simply increase the volume for more... More >>

Yuza Vibrator

Yuza Vibrator $99.00

Melt away your worries with the Yuzu by Nobu Toys. Perfectly curved for g-spot stimulation and comfortable ergonomic handling, its shaft is made of soft, body-safe silicone, wrapped in smooth ridges for extra sensations. More than just smart design, this unassuming yet innovative toy features a... More >>

Saki Vibrator

Saki Vibrator  $99.00

Feeling hot? Let the Saki vibrator make you hotter. This must-have rabbit-style vibe has 10 speeds and 3 motors: 2 in its shaft and 1 in its clit stem, strategically placed to hit all of your pleasure zones. But what makes it really special is its exclusive temperature sensor system - the Sake... More >>

We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus $180.00

The We-Vibe 4 couples vibe fits inside her body, creating multiple stimulation points for both partners.

This hands-free vibe alternates between clitoral and G-spot stimulation and is completely controlled by a wireless remote with settings to adjust intensity, mode, and intervals.... More >>

Vanity Vr2

Vanity Vr2 $137.00

Powerful, quiet and waterproof, the Vanity Vr2 from Jopen is sure to be a go-to toy. Its graceful design and intuitive interface make this powerful vibrator a pleasure to use!

Specifically designed for a woman’s anatomy, the gentle curves of this vibrator are enhanced by multi-speed,... More >>

Key Vela by Jopen

Key Vela by Jopen $90.00

One of Jopen’s most powerful personal massagers, the Key Vela body wand offers orgasm-inducing vibration in a beautiful design at once fun and sophisticated.

The insertable portion is molded from the highest quality of silicone, with a delicate satin finish and gentle ripples... More >>

Key Virgo by Jopen

Key Virgo by Jopen $80.00

One of Jopen’s most powerful personal massagers, the Key Virgo body wand offers orgasm-inducing vibration in a beautiful design at once fun and sophisticated.

The insertable portion is molded from the highest quality silicone, with a delicate satin finish and tantalizing ripples... More >>

Envy Five by Jopen

Envy Five by Jopen $129.00

Powerful, quiet and waterproof, the Envy Five from Jopen is sure to be your go-to toy. Its graceful design and intuitive interface make this powerful vibrator a pleasure to use!

Specifically designed for g-spot massage, the gentle curves of this vibrator are enhanced by multi-speed,... More >>

Envy Three

Envy Three  $129.00

This baby does everything!

Powered by PowerBullet technology, The Envy Three by Jopen offers 7 modes of vibration that are easy to explore thanks to the intuitive controls and easily distinguishable buttons. Even in the dark, you'll be able to get from point A to point B with just... More >>

Envy Seven Vibrator

Envy Seven Vibrator $143.00

This is a pleasure device-extraordinaire! The Envy Seven from Jopen is all the artificial intelligence your libido needs.

A state of the art multi-speed motor drives the soft, body-safe silicone shaft, while an independent second motor moves the bunny-eared clit stimulator for up to... More >>

Lust L6 Vibrator

Lust L6 Vibrator $89.00 | SALE: $57.85

Welcome to the garden of earthly delights: the Lust by Jopen is a flower that blooms inside you!

This tulip-shaped vibrator has two long quivering silicone petals which bloom around its intense ten-speed stamen when it’s turned on. These petals open up to contour to your shape,... More >>

Lust L5 Vibrator

Lust L5 Vibrator $89.99

Say hello to your little lily lover!

The L5 is a more petite version of the Lust from Jopen. This quivering vibrator has tongue-like petals that extend from its firm central core, tickling and licking your insides in ten adjustable speeds and patterns. You’re sure to find the... More >>

Jimmyjane Form 3

Jimmyjane Form 3 $145.00

The latest addition to the Jimmyjane Form line of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators is another revolution in design and function. The flexible, responsive touchpad offers customized control over the location of vibration, while the intuitive speed and cycle controls allow you to dictate the... More >>

Tickler Pocket Toyfriends

Tickler Pocket Toyfriends $19.95

Tough day? Melt the tension away with the Pocket Toyfriends collection of mini-vibes in four fun colors. Toyfriends provide the perfect quick pick-me-up between meetings and appointments-- they go wherever you do!

Each Toyfriend is about the size of a lipstick and functions as both a... More >>

Je Joue G-Kii

Je Joue G-Kii $119.00

Go for the G-Gold with the G-Kii More G Spot from Je Joue! This pliable, quivering little gymnast of a vibrator will bend itself into 2 pleasure enhancing positions, as your routine requires.

The G-Kii can match your unique curves, for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. With... More >>

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

Fun Factory Stronic Eins $199.99 | SALE: $149.99

If you're tired of the same old vibrator, Fun Factory has unleashed its newest style of toy, dubbed a "Pulsator."

The Stronic Eins is another innovative leap in vibrator technology from the folks at Fun Factory. Instead of the traditional buzzing vibration associated with classic... More >>

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei $199.99 | SALE: $149.99

The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei is an exciting new silicone 'pulsator' with 10 different rhythmic pulsating settings that is specifically designed for anal stimulation. The Stronic Zwei vibrating sex toy also sports a very practical hilt safety handle with a flared base and it’s very quiet and easy to... More >>

7-Function Classic Chic Vibe

7-Function Classic Chic Vibe $19.50

Petite, discreet, and never obsolete, the Classic Chic vibrator lives up to its name in every way. Small enough to slip into your handbag, this surprisingly powerful handful boasts seven adjustable levels of pulsation and escalation, perfect for pleasing your clitoris. The rigid shaft transfers... More >>

Jimmyjane Iconic Smoothie

Jimmyjane Iconic Smoothie $20.00

The Jimmyjane Iconic Smoothie will fondly remind you of your first vibrator. Its long and elegant shape is instantly recognizable as a classic. Another in their “The Usual Suspects” line of vibrator standbys with an updated look in fresh white, this toy is pleasing visually as well as physically.... More >>

Original I Rub My Duckie Vibe

Original I Rub My Duckie Vibe $34.00

This floating, waterproof little guy sits by your bath, jacuzzi, or bed with nothing more than those big innocent blue eyes to give away their real purpose in... More >>

Fun Factory Little Dolly Minivibe

Fun Factory Little Dolly Minivibe $49.99 | SALE: $37.49

This cute little dolphin-shaped vibrator, made by Fun Factory, has a strategically-placed beak just at the tip to give you a little kiss just where you need it most! Ideal for G-Spot stimulation, Little Dolly is quiet, yet powerful and adjustable to suit your needs - there are 3 speeds to choose... More >>

Fun Factory Bubbles MiniVibe

Fun Factory Bubbles MiniVibe $84.99 | SALE: $63.74

It’s adorably cute, and erotically powerful… it’s the Fun Factory Bubbles vibrator!

This sexy little silicone vibrator has 4 rounded segments and 5 adjustable speeds ranging from gentle massage to relentless pleasure. It also has 3 different vibration programs. The Bubbles is a quiet but... More >>

Fun Factory Meany Minivibe

Fun Factory Meany Minivibe $49.99 | SALE: $37.49

This powerful, quiet vibrator has 3 adjustable speeds to choose from. Switch back and forth to keep things exciting, Meany Minivibe doesn’t mind at all! Its shaft is decorated with wings that come to a soft snubbed point and is made of 100% silicone. The Meany is also waterproof, which means bath... More >>

Fun Factory Angelo Minivibe

Fun Factory Angelo Minivibe $84.99 | SALE: $63.74

Angelic, quiet, and powerful - the Angelo Minivibe, made by Fun Factory, is decorated with wings on its 100% silicone shaft to get you just a little bit closer to heaven. In addition to having a slightly curved tip, it has 3 adjustable speeds to choose and switch around from, to keep things... More >>

Fun Factory Spring Minivibe

Fun Factory Spring Minivibe $74.90 | SALE: $56.14

Quiet, powerful and pretty - The Spring Minivibe, made by Fun Factory, is decorated with hibiscus flowers on its 100% silicone shaft. It has 3 adjustable speeds to choose and switch around from, to keep things exciting. Best of all, it is waterproof, which means extra bath time fun!
More >>

Waterproof Vibrator, Purple

Waterproof Vibrator, Purple $17.50

This is a classic no-nonsense waterproof vibrator that can go where ever you need it to, whether it's the bed, the bath or anywhere in between. This vibe buzzes at a nice medium-level vibration, is transparent fuchsia and made of... More >>

We-Vibe II Couples Massager

We-Vibe II Couples Massager $99.99

The Stockroom is proud to announce the arrival of the We-Vibe II, a new and improved follow-up to the best-selling WeVibe. This revolutionary product is the first-ever G-spot toy that can be used simultaneously while making love. The innovative and unique design allows for both external and... More >>

Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong

Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong $94.00

Getting bent over by Shane Diesel is a fantasy that doesn't come true for everybody, but with the Shane Diesel Vibrating Dong that pleasure can be yours!

Starting with a 100%-accurate (except for the suction cup base) mold of The Diesel's vein-covered cock and balls, this gigantic... More >>


Batteries $5.00

For any and all of your needs to keep your vibrator humming and your butt plug buzzing.

• AA - 4 pack
• AAA - 4 pack
More >>

Travel Size Bondage Duckie

Travel Size Bondage Duckie $22.00

Sometimes, discretion is overrated. What better way to to go with the flow and embrace your naughty side than with this corseted and gagged rubber duckie? This waterproof vibrator features a single soothing speed vibe with a strong, quiet motor powered by a single AAA battery (not included), it’s... More >>

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box

Pink Corset Devine Toy Box $42.00

The Devine Toy Box is an attractive and fashionable place to store your toys, lotions, and lubes in a place that is safe, secure, and discreet. This toy box is styled of faux leather, lace, and satin. The box is 9” long, 4” wide, and 4” tall. The size makes it very convenient for transporting... More >>

Siime Eye by SVAKOM

Siime Eye by SVAKOM $249.99

If you want to capture and relive your most intimate moments of pleasure, the SIIME Eye is for you. This wand-style vibrator features a wireless internal camera capable of broadcasting (and saving) pictures and video to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The camera is surrounded by four LEDs for... More >>

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