Vinyl Dildos

Magic Ball with Single Dildo

Magic Ball with Single Dildo $87.00

The Magic Ball is one of the hottest new sex toys designed to make getting off FUN!

Made of durable PVC, the Magic Ball is similar to exercise balls you would find at most gyms and is great for both men and women! The Magic Ball is capable of supporting up to 330 pounds in weight and... More >>

Magic Ball with Double Dildo

Magic Ball with Double Dildo $99.00

In defiance of convention, we offer this single enormous ball, with 2 organs of penetration.

Like the Magic Ball with Single Dildo, this item offers a combination of exercise and erotic exploration in one extremely colorful, bouncy package!... More >>

Falcon Manrammer

Falcon Manrammer $32.00 - $54.00

A dildo that demands submission. The Falcon Manrammer is designed for those who are ready to be probed immediately! This veiny beast has a 4 1/2 inch handle with small nubs on it for a firm grip. For more adventurous users, the handle may be used for simultaneous penetration with that special... More >>

James Deen Realistic Cock

James Deen Realistic Cock $65.00

It's been a while since someone has taken the porn (and mainstream!) world by the horns quite like award-winning male superstar James Deen. You've seen his movies and heard the rumors and now you can enjoy James Deen's cock yourself!

Molded directly from his beautiful erect 9 inch... More >>

Belladonna's Magic Hand

Belladonna‘s Magic Hand $29.00

You've seen her in movies and now you can have a little of Belladonna's Magic right in your own bedroom. Molded in Sil-i-Gel directly from Belladonna's actual hand! This illustrious appendage is for the adventurous at heart no matter where you allow it to explore. ... More >>

Marco Blaze Dildo

Marco Blaze Dildo $69.95

If you’ve ever fantasized about receiving an orgasm from Marco Blaze, your fantasy is now a reality. The ultra-realistic Marco Blaze dildo captures all 8.5 inches of Marco’s bulging cock which has been meticulously molded from his uncut, erect penis. The Marco Blaze penis mold has been cast out of... More >>

Realistic Squirting Dildo

Realistic Squirting Dildo $59.50

The Realistic Squirting Dildo is an innovative and unique new sex toy that is a specially designed copy of the entire penis and testicles that is incredibly realistic, natural colored, and constructed to emulate the naturalistic look and feel of an erect male member that squirts and ejaculates... More >>

Partner One Vinyl Dildo

Partner One Vinyl Dildo $99.00

The Partner One Vinyl Dildo is a huge realistic looking black dildo. It is crafted of hand-poured vinyl, making it smooth and weighty. The rounded base and large balls keep it sturdy, or give you something large to grip onto.

Product Details:

  • Overall... More >>

Louis Vinyl Dildo

Louis Vinyl Dildo $70.00

Hefty and sturdy, this black dildo has realistic veins on the shaft and is nicely bendable but not too squishy. Suction base for firm mounting on flat, clean surfaces. Not suitable for dildo harnesses. It is made of hand-poured vinyl.

Product Details:

 ... More >>

Bud, Black Vinyl Ripple Probe

Bud, Black Vinyl Ripple Probe $42.00

Bud is a black vinyl probe separated into three distinct sections: a tapered tip for easy insertion, six "rings" graduating in size, and an elongated curved section that blends into the neck. This plug is crafted of hand-poured vinyl and it features a suction cup base that can be attached to most... More >>

Swelled Head Vinyl Dildo

Swelled Head Vinyl Dildo $159.50

Who wouldn't have a swelled head when they look this good? This cocky vinyl dildo boasts an oversized head and meaty veined shaft, with realistically textured balls. It is made of hand-poured vinyl.

Product Details:

  • Overall Length: 11in... More >>

Realistic Black Vinyl Penis Dildo, Wideboy

Realistic Black Vinyl Penis Dildo, Wideboy $49.00

Hefty and sturdy, this black dildo has a fine skin-like texture and is nicely bendable but not too squishy. It has a suction base for attaching to most smooth surfaces. It is made of hand-poured vinyl. Not suitable for dildo harnesses.

Product Details:

  •... More >>

Realistic Black Vinyl Dildo - Fat and Curvy

Realistic Black Vinyl Dildo - Fat and Curvy $49.00

Black Vinyl dildo cock with balls. Flexible and thick, a staple for any toy bag! Features a smooth shaft, textured balls and a solid sturdy base with plenty to hold on to!

Product Details:

  • Insertible Length: 8.5in (21.6cm)

  •... More >>

Tiny Dick

Tiny Dick $9.90

This little vinyl dildo has balls at the base and works well with strap-on harnesses. It is nicely shaped and attractively proportioned.

A good size for the beginning anal adventurer or for anyone who prefers their good things in little packages.

Product... More >>

VibeRite(R) G-Spot Attachment

VibeRite(R) G-Spot Attachment $9.50

For a truly earthshaking experience, focus the power of the VibeRite® Personal Massager deep within your body with this gently curved vinyl attachment. The flexible extension gives you the freedom to pinpoint intense vibrations exactly where you want... More >>