Victor Tella‘s Snake Whip (D543)


Victor Tella‘s Snake Whip

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Victor Tella's beautifully hand crafted whips are now exclusively available at JT's Stockroom. Victor's Snake Whip is created from the finest Grade A Kangaroo hide for exquisite quality. Victor's Snakewhips with their fully plaited bellies have beautiful handling which lends to easy target work. His 4 foot whips are 16 plait. A Snake Whip is unique from a Single tail in that the Snake Whip has a piece of leather which extends from the braided portion of the whip handle and attaches to a removal cracker. The Snake Whip is great for indoor play allowing for most styles of volley routines.


 • Length from the end of handle to the fall 49 inches (124.5cm)

 • Length from the fall to the cracker is 40 inches (101.6cm)

 • Weight is 10.05oz (.632Ibs)

Safety, Care, & Usage

Safety is no accident. If you are inexperienced using whips please seek guidance from a professional. Go slow when learning and safeguard yourself with goggles and proper attire to avoid injury to yourself and others. Pets love whips. Pets also love to chew on whips so please keep your equipment in a secure place away from sharp, pointy little teeth. As with all leather whips keep away from excessive exposure to heat, dirt or moisture. Store your whip in a cool, dry place . All leather needs to be properly conditioned. Please take care to maintain the beauty of your equipment by using a good quality leather dressing. Most whips need to be conditioned approximately every six months.

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