Two-Piece PA Silicone Sound Set by Oxballs (E797R)

Two-Piece PA Silicone Sound Set by Oxballs
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This exciting set of silicone sounds by Oxballs offer a non-intimidating new twist on stuffing your cock!

Included in the set are two sounds, The smooth sound is recommended for beginners, while the segmented version is for more advanced urethral play. Each sound tapers down, providing a slim tip on one end, while the hook on the opposite end allows for an easy grip and prevents it from going missing. Once fully inserted, the hook end gives the appearance of sporting a Prince Albert piercing.

Both sounds are equal in length but differ at their widest point. The smooth version has a max diameter of 0.4 inches, while the segmented version has max diameter of 0.5 inches.

This 2 piece set of urethral sounds are compact and easy to store or travel with. We recommend using SurgiLube for easy insertion.

Product Details

 • Total Length: 5.5 in

 • Insertable Length: 4.5 in

 • Widest Point (Smooth): 0.4 in

 • Widest Point (Segmented): 0.5 in

 • Tip Width: 0.2 in

Safety, Care and Usage

Made from pure platinum-cure silicone. Can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water or can be soaked in a bleach water solution. Compatible with all lubricants. Remember to always play safely!

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