Turning Point Nipple Clamps (E034-Z)

Turning Point Nipple Clamps

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These simple, stylish clamps are adjustable, fitting virtually any nipple size or shape. The opposing screws tighten, allowing the steel rods to solidly grip the desired appendage. These classic, functional clamps aren't like any of the other tit torture devices we carry, and offer a new twist on an old favorite.

Product Details:

 • Sold in pairs

 • Made of stainless steel

 • Available in Scepter (2 ball) and Barbell (4 ball) styles

 • Max size of opening (Scepter): 0.7in/19mm by 0.9in/22mm

 • Max size of opening (Barbell): 0.7in/19mm by 0.6in/15mm

  Safety, Care, and Usage:

Wash before use with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Air dry.

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