Latex Executioner Hoodie

Latex Executioner Hoodie $369.00

This sporty hoodie has an edge of nonchalance that belies its serious masked chops. While the zipper in front gives easy access, the hood zips fully closed from behind for a completely enclosed mask leaving only your eyes exposed, with discreet breathing holes for comfort. Wear it partially zipped... More >>

Men's Latex Bar Vest

Men‘s Latex Bar Vest $109.00

Sport this men’s latex bar vest and you will perfect the classic rubberman look. A little skin, plus a little latex equals a lot of sexy. This vest is available in standard 30 gauge latex and comes in a variety of colors. The classic black is pictured here and looks stunning. It has a flattering... More >>

Latex Racerback Muscle Tank

Latex Racerback Muscle Tank $94.00

The Racerback Muscle Tank is designed to highlight your menacing physique. Similar to our regular Rubber Tank, this version is cut wider for that extra allowance Herculean body types require. Have your muscles ooze out while keeping the fit tight and comfortable with this tank, made from 14 gauge... More >>

Polo Shirt w/ Trim

Polo Shirt w/ Trim $175.00

For a look that's more sporty and refined, we offer you the Polo Shirt in sturdy 14 gauge latex with a 25 gauge collar featuring nickel plated snap closures and 14 gauge contrasting trim stripes along the sleeves... More >>

Men's Military Latex Tank Top

Men‘s Military Latex Tank Top $155.00

This iconic tank, evoking a military uniform shirt, features contrasting color trim and a smartly reinforced, nickel plated snap front opening. A working pocket complete with chrome snap closure, provides a stylish and convenient place to stash your ID and a little bit of cash. Made from high... More >>

Men's Military Rubber Sleeveless T

Men‘s Military Rubber Sleeveless T $172.50

The Men’s Military Rubber Sleeveless Tee shirt has a sexy fetish appeal that is very masculine. The left front pocket is functional and convenient and really snaps shut. This sleeveless rubber classic blends the skintight feel of a tee with a masculine military edge.

Contrasting... More >>