TitanMen Master Tool 3 (D837)

TitanMen Master Tool 3

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Are you an anal professional living amongst amateurs? Then consider the Master Tool #3 by TitanMen. Built on the principle that a true anal master needs a trusty, reliable tool, not a “toy”, the Master Tool #3 is made from an anti-bacterial and non-toxic rubber formula, and is latex and cadmium free. Featuring three throbbing widths of swells, the first is smooth for slick, easy entry. The second two provide a little more friction culminating in a flared base if you make it over that last hump. Use it on yourself or follow the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Cleaning is as easy as soap and water. Just make sure to ask exactly what your neighbors’ mean if they ask you to come over with your tools…


  • Insertable Length: 6.25in (15.9cm)

  • Diameter (at widest point): 1.83in (4.64cm)

  • Circumference (at widest point) 5.75in (14.6cm)

Safety, Care, and Usage

Wash with warm water and soap. Dry with a lint free towel and store away from dust and out of direct sunlight.

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