Three Joint Urethral Plug (E981)

Three Joint Urethral Plug

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For men who enjoy the feeling of a penile sound, or want to experiment with stretching their urethra, this Three-Joint cock plug comes highly recommended.

Essentially a hollow, stainless steel tube, this 13.5cm-long invader has three gradations of width, for training purposes. Starting with a half-cm of dilation, insert the rod deeper, and your urethra will soon be stretched a full centimeter wide!

The steel ball at the tip of the rod screws snugly into machined threads, so it can be easily removed for urination. When the full plug is completely inserted, the ball resembles jewelry in a penis piercing. No one need be the wiser!

  Product Details:

 • Polished surgical stainless steel

 • Hollow tube with threaded, removable steel ball tip

 • Length: 5.3in/13.5cm

 • Weight: 7oz/198.5g

Joint Widths:

 • 0.2in/.5cm

 • 0.3in/.8cm

 • 0.4in/1cm

Safety, Care, and Usage:

This toy is recommended only for those experienced with CBT and sounding. Do not sleep in this or any other sounding device. Clean using alcohol and warm water after each use, and allow to completely air dry before storage, or use. For insertion, we Recommend use with Surgical Lube.

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