Thin Varnished Rattan Cane w/Black Handle (B927)


Thin Varnished Rattan Cane w/Black Handle
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The Thin Varnished Rattan Cane w/Black Handle is 26", including the handle.

A Brief Summary Of Our Finishing Process:

  1. The rattan is fully saturated in a linseed oil compound, serving to swell and reinforce the internal capillaries and fibers as the oil cures. This process increases the density and strength, while enhancing flexibility and resilience.
  2. Next the canes are straightened or shaped (As appropriate for the product being crafted), cut to length, then sanded and allowed to "cure".
  3. For products to be varnished, the best marine grade sealer and varnish available is applied, sealing in the cured linseed oil-soaked capillaries and fibers, increasing the outer surface strength, making the cane durable, flexible and easy to clean (resisting alcohol and household chemicals used in cleaning).
  4. Finally, the handle is wrapped in 6mm braided cord for an attractive, comfortable, secure grip.
Please note that handcrafted canes may vary in length from 1" to 3" as a result of each item being individually made.

Made in the USA

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