Thin Finn Urethral Sound (D795)


Thin Finn Urethral Sound

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The Mystim Thin Finn Urethral Sound is made of hand polished medical aluminum. When inserted into the tip of the penis, the smooth 9.8-inch sound stimulates the urethra creating an unforgettably intense experience.


  • Length is 9.8in (25.0cm)

  • Diameter is 0.3in(0.8cm)

  • Weight .088 lbs(1.41oz)

  • Made of hand polished medical aluminum

  • 24 month manufacturers warranty

Safety, Care and Usage

Please clean thoroughly before and after use with warm water and soap. Always be well educated when playing with urethral sounds to avoid injury. Never force a sound into the urethra, allow it to gently guide itself in naturally.

Please Note: Mystim accessories can only be used with the Mystim power units unless otherwise specified.

This accessory works with Mystim Tension Lover and Mystim Pure Vibes TENS units.

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