The Zosimo Flexible Penis Plug (C476)


The Zosimo Flexible Penis Plug
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The Zosimo is a metal penis plug with a flexible segment in the middle for more comfortable, ergonomic wear. This beautifully polished "plug" for the male's urethra has an added twist of having a steel ring as well as a ball-hilt to prevent over insertion.

The original twist that makes this urethral plug different is the design was made specifically for wearing with a Prince Albert penis piercing. The extra metal ball unscrews and goes through the pierced hole to secure the plug to the cock. This is an erotic and decorative piece that is functional and ornamental.

Insertable length is 80mm (about 3 1/4") and insertable diameter is 8mm (about 5/16").

Great training for extended wearing periods and a great bondage toy!

Recommended for use with surgical lube

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