The Triple Stimulator (A490)


The Triple Stimulator
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This is a novel invention is designed to be worn by a man during intercourse, to give him two cocks instead of one!

It is made from translucent pink synthetic jelly rubber, with a cock ring in the center, a multi-speed vibrating bullet embedded above the cock ring, and a dildo attached below. The result: when the man's penis is inserted vaginally, the vibrating unit will be positioned over the woman's clitoral area, while the dildo will be positioned below - just right for anal penetration.

The dildo is flexible, and can be shaped and angled as needed for just the right aim.

It will probably take some practice to master the full potential of this ingenious device. You'll want to keep track of more than one thing at a time, and take it slowly if necessary. But for the woman who wants it all (at once), and the man who's willing to go the extra mile (or the extra inches, actually) to give it to her, this toy may be the answer.

The dildo is about 1 1/8" in diameter, slim enough for comfortable anal exploration, and can insert to a maximum depth of 5½ inches.

It requires two AA Batteries, sold separately.

For safety, sharing, and easy clean-up of your toys, use a condom!

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