The Trainer (Laura Antoniou) (A601)


The Trainer (Laura Antoniou)
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The publisher writes: "The Trainer, third in the Marketplace series, turns to the world of Slave Trainers, by following Michael LaGuardia, a junior trainer, as he joins the training house of the enigmatic American trainer, Anderson.

"Confident and self-assured, Michael soon learns that his natural dominance is no match for Anderson's second-in-command, Chris Parker. In this new edition of the Trainer, Antoniou expands on the Marketplace's slave training houses, exploring the hedonistic lifestyle of a West Coast training facility, a rigidly hierarchical training house in Great Britain, and the ascetic and highly demanding dominant/submissive training style of the most sought-after American trainer, Anderson.

"This is a special revised and expanded edition, with new material never seen before!"

By Laura Antoniou

Softcover; 294 pages.

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